No Pants Day 2018 is on Wednesday, May 2, 2018: My dog is panting after 3 days of birth!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 is No Pants Day 2018. No Pants Day is an event celebrated on the first Friday of May each year.

No Pants Day

No Pants Day is an event celebrated on the first Friday of May each year.

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No Pants Day

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My dog is panting after 3 days of birth!!??

If panting is the only symptom, then check to be sure she not too warm. If she seems lethargic, and not eating or drinking and just overall something seems noy right, then you probably need to get back to the vet. It is possible that she may have a uterine infection. Since the vet said something about the placenta, but your not sure what, I would be a little concerned and alerted to the possibility of infection. If you can't find a physical reason for her panting (too hot or thirsty) and she continues it through the night, even if it is not continual but stops for a bit and then starts again, then get her to vet tomorrow.

As for taking her out to potty, let her tell you when she's ready, but if you think she's trying to hold it too long, then take her out anyway and walk around the yard for a bit. She will probably stay at the door thinking you'll let her back in, and then come to you in the yard when that don't work. When she comes to the yard to try to get you to go to the door she will probably take the time to do her business very quickly then you can immediately allow her access back to the pup. After once or twice she'll realize she can trust you to let her back in as soon as she's done and it will become easier. I noticed you also had a question about her pup crying. This can also contribute to her not wanting to leave the pup to go potty. She will not want to leave it until it is content.

EDIT: Now that I've put the 2 together, has mom been eating & drinking in the past 3 days? I recently had a similar experience with 1 of mine. If she has an infection and is not feeling well, then she's probably not eating & drinking as she should be and this will definitelt effect milk production. Definitely have her checked by vet tomorrow, and if possible you try offering her some chicken broth (the salty flavor is hard for them to resist even when they don't feel well. If you have formula already, go ahead and feed pup to help it be more comfortable. You may need to supplement the pup for a few days while mom is recovering, but try to limit the number of times per day so the pup will still nurse on mom. This will help her milk production increase as she recovers and she will probably be able to feed pup without your help soon.

Let me know how things work out. I know I'm sort-of assuming things like she's not eating and such, so if I'm totally out in left field on this 1 then I appologize and at least maybe I provided some info that someone else is able to use. Anyway, email me if you'd like.

Should i wear white pants after labor day?

Should i wear white pants after labor day?

Yes, you can still wear white pants after Labor Day. Some people don't wear white pants after Labor Day simply because they don't really fit in with traditional fall clothing colors such as maroon, auburn, brown, black,etc. But if what you're planning to wear is well put together and the shirt matches the pants, then I see nothing wrong with wearing white pants.

my dog is restless and pants all day and night long?

my dog is restless and pants all day and night long?

Panting is usually a dogs way of "sweating" so to speak. If he is panting all day then this could be a sign that he is over heated.

Over heating can come from the dog being over weight or also from having a constant high body temperature (hyperthermia or fever).

Hyperthermia (or fever) is a symptom for many, many illnesses so I would have your dog checked by a vet to be sure.

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