Opera Day 2020 is on Saturday, February 8, 2020: Does anyone listen to opera these days?


Saturday, February 8, 2020 is Opera Day 2020. File:Armenian Presidential Elections 2008 Protest Day 5 - Opera ... 2008 Protest Day 5 - Opera

Opera Day

Operas happen to be captivating audiences because the sixteenth century, which highly revered talent is constantly on the gain new fanatics today. An opera is a bit of performance art that mixes music with text, and it is frequently an impressive enaction of the story, filled with acting, scenery and costumes.There's no better time for you to celebrate your desire for opera than Opera Day. For those who have yet to build up a love for opera, Opera Day is the best day to start. Probably the most standard method of honoring would be to receive an opera on your own. Seek advice from the local theatre and find out if there's a performance you are able to attend. If the isn’t a choice, the web has managed to get simple to feel the question of opera straight from your house. Try browsing Youtube for performances of works of art by the kind of Verdi, Mozart and Wagner.If you are musically inclined, you are able to bring your Opera Day festivities one step further. Get along with your most musical buddies, and set with an opera of your. You can easily discover the text of famous operas online, and you may divide the various components up among her and also have a riot of the time.

Does anyone listen to opera these days?

i love opera. have you heard 'dialogs of the carmelites' yet? it's from the 50's, but highly melodic. the final scene is one of the most intense pieces of music you'll ever hear.

there's an excellent recording by kent nagano and the opera of lyon. you should be able to find sound clips of it on one of those music sites.

not opera, but also spiritually intense is gorecki's third symphony with a stunning vocal part. be in a very quiet place when you listen to it, it starts and ends extremely quietly and builds.

also not opera, and without vocals, but still spiritually intense is john adams's 'harmonielehre'. the st louis symphony has an outstanding live recording of it on amazon downloads for 8 bucks. i'm totally obsessed with it [and listening to it right now]. it's sort of a post-minimalist journey thru pain to revelation. [the movie 'the matrix' ripped it off heavily.]

there are so many great operas out there, i can't even pick one out as a great spiritual experience. most of the ones i turn to for spiritual comfort [like cosi fan tutte or rusalka] don't even really have a spiritual message. they're just frakking beautiful.

What’s wrong with Opera these days!!!?

What's wrong with Opera these days!!!?

Open Opera then tools>advanced Tab>network then Proxysevers uncheck the small boxes

Is Opera better than Firefox?

Is Opera better than Firefox?

Opera isn't widely used because back in the days before Firefox, Opera wasn't free. Opera then moved over to offering an ad-supported free version, however once Firefox released Opera's reputation for not being 'free' grew even worse. Once Opera went completely free, the issues narrowed down to the differences between Opera and Firefox. Basically, Opera wasn't Firefox, and Opera Software saw no need to make Opera become Firefox in order to grow their user base, so Opera kept its bad reputation.

Slowly, over the years, Opera Software capitulated to the "it's not Firefox" crowd, and Opera has slowly moved in the direction of mimicking Firefox (and other browsers) in order to grow its market share. After Jon von Tetzchner stepped down as the CEO of Opera Software on January 5, 2010, and Lars Boilesen replaced him, the trend grew even worse as the decision to add extensions was finally made. Opera's reputation has gotten better, however to the zealous Firefox fanboys it is still blasphemous for anyone to use a web browser other than Firefox, and Opera is still one of their favorite targets. In fact, before the death of OperaWatch, it was still common for Firefox fanboys such as Asa Dotzler (a bigger liar I have never seen) to post comments on OperaWatch praising Firefox for having the best security track record (even though it is a blatant lie, and anyone who checks the vulnerability report history for Firefox can see that for themselves).

As for Opera today, it does have its issues (such as performance issues caused when the preferences file has been through multiple upgrades from older versions of Opera), however I still consider it the lesser of the evils (the 'evils' I refer to are browsers with extensions API's, which I consider a security vulnerability).

As for listing 'facts', most of the reasons why someone likes one browser over another is personal preference.

As for security vulnerabilities, there are currently no known unpatched security vulnerabilities listed on Secunia for Opera 12, Firefox 14, and Google Chrome 21. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is listed as having 1 Secunia advisory listed as 'unpatched', and since Secunia advisories often cover multiple vulnerabilities that means we need to look up the advisory to see what all it covers, and it appears to be two security vulnerabilities that are rated as "Not critical" (which is the minimum rating). Now, out of all of those browsers, we see that Opera 12 has had two advisories which are listed as patched (one advisory was rated as moderately critical and the other was highly critical), Firefox 14 is listed as having had no advisories (which is not surprising since that version was released for desktops on July 17, 2012), Google Chrome 21 is listed as having had 1 advisory which is patched (advisory is rated as highly critical) which is pretty bad considering version 21 of Google Chrome was released on July 31st (two weeks ago), and Internet Explorer 9 is listed as having had 10 advisories of which 9 have been patched (advisory ratings range between not critical and extremely critical).

Looking back at the last version of the three more secure browsers (Opera 11, Firefox 13, and Google Chrome 20) is even more enlightening. Essentially, anyone using Firefox 13 or Google Chrome 20 should update to the latest version immediately. Opera 11 does have an advisory listed as unpatched, but it is rated as "less critical", and the vulnerabilities that it lists are far more difficult (although not impossible) to exploit. Updating is still recommended, of course, and even more so for your Java and Flash plugins

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