Pack Rat Day 2019 is on Friday, May 17, 2019: Are you a pack rat?

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Pack Rat Day

We’re all a bit materialistic, and have a tendency to purchase, own and hoard more ‘stuff’ than we may really need… We’re all pack rats, hoarders of treasures and possessions. Pack Rat Day encourages us to embrace the truth that you want to keep stuff, and indicates that you simply shouldn’t throw your old possessions, clothes or perhaps rubbish away because it might be helpful or useful for days or a long time.

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Are you a pack rat?

funny you should ask that. i have got to be one of the biggest pack rats. but.. just the other day i got so tired of looking at my closet and all the clothes that i dont wear and that will probably never fit me again and i just started stuffing them into bags. i got rid of about 3 or 4 trashbags full. im proud of myself for it lol.

Questions abourt rats as pets,please help?

Questions abourt rats as pets,please help?

well first off it is much better to get two rats instead of one. they are animals that travel in packs.they are very social and need another companion. like my rat book says they create a special bond with thier owner but nothing compare to the bond of two rats. they need someone to play with at night when you arnt there. they will get lonely and depressed and could result to not eating and getting sick. i dont really have any bad points in owning a rat. mine are all great. they dont smell,they are all loving creatures, they are adorable, and amazingly smart. my rats do not pee everywhere.they only go in there cage when they are free roam. they every ounce in awhile accidently poop on my floor. but i have only had one rat pee on me and that was when i first got her and the lady that sold her to me was a b*tch and picked her up by her tail.i do not know what people are talking about how they pee and poop everywhere. my cage will smell after about 3 to 4 days. but that is because i have 6 rats. i take it outside twice a week and wash it with dish soap and water.and i then change the litter so i do not have any problems with smell. when i had two i only cleaned it out ounce a week and i didnt have smell problems. it is never hard to tame a rat. i honestly have never had to except for daisy my dumbo. mine all were so friendly all ready even though i got them from a pet store(wich dnt always treat small animals bad) daisy was a very shy girl never aggressive. she didnt really trust people. now she loves me and trusts me and is so outgoing. its so cute when ever something scares her she runs to me up my legs to under my hair.she is adorable with her little ears haha. i would recomend a big at least 4 level cage for a pair of rats. i now have eight levels but mine are out all day. just some other things are. my whole first rat set up cost me 130 for the cage rats and food etc. but then around 200 after i bought them tons of toys. rats have the minds of a todler. they are very smart. so they need toys and new enviroment changes weekly to stimulate thier mind. otherwise they will go insane get bored and some will result to chewing on thier feet and tail. rats will need lots of out of cage time. they are more like dogs and need lots of interaction with people and playtime.

toys i use for mine are

baby toys-blankets,stuffed animals,rattles

dog toys-nyla bones, other types of bones,dog chew toys,stuffed animals

bird toys-anything with colors and wood. haha

cat toys-get some cat balls with the slits in them and put some dried berries in the cat toy. mine have a blast trying to get the berries

rat toys,

and some home made toys-take dog treats(mine love the original milk bone crunchy thats white on the outside and red brown on the inside.)mine LOVE those. so get some of those put them in a water bottle close the cap and oput some slits in it mine smell it and have a blast trying to get them out. use toilet paper rolls and put treats in them and fold both sides. give them tissues or paper towels to shred. i made mine a shredd box. i got a big box that use to be used for paperwork and found tons of things and shredded tons of paper. i put it all together then hid some treats in the box. they had so much fun sniffing the treats out.just keep it and add on to it.bring rocks in from outside they like to sniff and claw at them. also i got mine a play pen and i let them outside for a bit every day (unless bad whether. They love to dig the dirt. and i put a dog bowel with water and peas(they like to dunk in it when it gets hot)and they dive for peas.

theres tons of other toys and ideas.

email me with any other questions

hope i helped

good luck,


Tips for caring for rat?

Tips for caring for rat?

You sound like you barely know anything about caring for rats.

First of all, you need to get two rats. Rats can get lonely and depressed and suicidal if they are kept alone. They are pack animals and need the companion ship of another rat unless you can be there eighteen hours of the day playing with her.

Second, you need to let the rat settle in for a day or two, even a week before you even try to do anything with her. Imagine being ripped away from the ones you love and thrown into bars with a hand grabbing and squeezing you. She doesn't trust you and you are making it worse.

What you need to do is go back to the store and buy another rat. Get a female rat to keep the other one company. They should be from the same litter so they would be friends and would love each other even more, although it doesn't really make a difference. Put them together in the same cage. Second, look at your cage. I have a feeling you bought off of impulse and didn't do any research at all, pardon me if you did but you sound like you didn't do anything at all. A good cage should be two square feet for one rat. Cages made for rats are often times too small... copy and paste these links into your URL and you can see a good cage. Also, if you want to see if your rat cage is big enough, so to Google and search "Rat calculator" and type in the dimensions of your cage.

Here is the link for the rat calculator:

and here is the SMALLEST cage you should ever go with. If yours is any smaller, please, please go get another one:

(It is called the all living things luxury rat pet home.

Okay, I am sorry for the delay, but you also need to know the things you have to have in your cage:

*five chew toys. FIVE. rats teeth continuously grow and need to gnaw on something.

*Two hide huts. I find over turned shoe boxes work fine. you need TWO

*A water bottle and a water bowl

*And any other toys you find in the store.

BALLS ARE A GIANT NO FOR PET RATS! IF you cant get the time to bond with your rats and play with them then you shouldn't have any

(Just thought I would tell you)

Bird toys and ferret toys do really good too. But don't get any hamster toys, they are way, way, way, way, way too small and your rat can get sick or stuck..

And Now for bonding with your rat:

Give your ratS a day or two to settle in.

Once you have given them two full days of settling into their new cage, you can put some yogurt on a spoon and hold it up to their hide hut. If they don't eat if, don't rip the box over and force them. Just try again later.

After that, you can feed them solid food off of your hand. You can leave the cage door open with your hand at the entrance. No sudden movements. let her come to you herself.

after TWO WHOLE WEEKS of feeding them treats, you can go ahead and hold them. (At this time, I would hope that you have two rats). You can put them into a bathroom so if they pee and poop it wont get messy. They will pee and poop because they will be scared.

Face it, there will be no "Speeding up the bonding process." It is impossible. You bought from impulse and you are going to have to do a lot more work.







(NOTE: Don't rip the hut off of their head. Going too fast and stressing them out could ruin them and scare them and even possibly ruin them and make them aggressive. Buying rats from pet stores... the rats are bred in bulk and don't have the best of care.)

Please get another rat and do as much research as you possibly can. Do as much as you can! You need to know what you are doing before you do it, but it is kind of late.

Here is some links on rat care, including the ones I put up above.


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