Pharmacist Day 2020 is on Sunday, January 12, 2020: What do pharmacists do on a day-to-day basis?

Sunday, January 12, 2020 is Pharmacist Day 2020. Online Pharmacy‎ Get Free Delivery On Prescriptions. Find Out if You Can Save. Call Now.

Pharmacist Day

Pharmacist Day implores us to take the time to think about everyone who act as pharmacy technician. They merely see us when we’re sick having a cold, cough, measles and have a hangover… or when we’ve exhaust tooth paste. These poor folks allow us to to feel good, and just ever see us at our worst. Take the time to go to a pharmacy having a smile in your face along with a healthy bounce for your step – we’re sure you’ll surprise them!

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What do pharmacists do on a day-to-day basis?

Pharmacists, on a normal day, dispense prescriptions to patients, and advise and counsel patients, doctors, and other health professionals on the dosages, drug-drug interactions, and side effects of medications. They also can perform what is called compounding, where they actually prepare and mix the ingredients for prescriptions. That activity is somewhat outdated nowadays, because most pharmacies buy medications that are already prepared by drug companies.

A pharmacist that works in a community setting, such as Walgreens, may do other activities in addition to the ones above. These activities can include completing 3rd party insurance claims/paperwork, giving flu shots to patients, and taking blood pressure or blood glucose readings. These types of pharmacies may even provide specialized care for patients who have, or may be at risk for, certain conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Community pharmacies like Walgreens may even offer a smoking cessation program for people who are active smokers. The types of services offered vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Pharmacists who work in hospitals have similar activities to pharmacists who work in community pharmacies. However, hospital pharmacists have a greater focus on patient care. They routinely communicate with nurses and doctors to see how their patients are doing, and may even prepare IV solutions for patients. They usually talk with patients about their medications before they leave the hospital. Since some hospitalized patients may be treated for cancer, hospital pharmacists also dispense drugs that treat cancer, more often than community/Walgreens pharmacists.

There are changes going on right now in pharmacy - more and more pharmacists are spending less time on activities that technicians can do, such as dispensing meds or handling insurance claims, and spending more time on counseling patients about their meds and providing advice for patients with asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Pharmacist Job Day?

Pharmacist Job Day?

Q. What exactly does a pharmacist do?

A. Pharmacists have a job with many parts that carries many responsabilities. They despense drugs to patients with a doctors prescription, proscribe dosages, and advise doctors in prescribing the correct medication and dosages for a particular patient. They advise people on the effects and proper use of drugs. One of the things people rely on the most in a pharmacists expertise in the area of medicine. A pharmacist would know exactly how each medication reacts with another, and exactly how each medication will react with the human body. That way people will not take two medications that react in a negative or harmful way. Pharmacists must make sure that the medicine that is sold to a patient matches with exactly what is prescribed by the doctor This is because a pharmacists job relates directly with a patients health and well being. If a person is given the wrong medication, or even the wrong dosage repercussions could possibly be fatal and the pharmacist would be at fault. Pharmacists are obligated to make sure each and every patient is fully aware of exactly how to take specific medications.

pharmacist vs. day care owner?

pharmacist vs. day care owner?

probably pharmacist because owning day cares is such a huge liability these days. (if one of the kids acts up and hurts another child, u can be sued). but if i were a pharmacist i would also study alternative medications and diets because i personally wouldn't want to be a part of the trend of over-medicating/undereducating america.

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