Play In The Sand Day 2018 is on Saturday, August 11, 2018: Would the quickrete play sand affect the ph?

Saturday, August 11, 2018 is Play In The Sand Day 2018. Play Sand‎ Sand & Gravel. Available For Pick Up Or Delivery. Call Or Visit Us!

Play In The Sand Day

Believe to savor a pleasant day trip rather than get lower towards the beach, paddle within the sea, eat ice-cream and relax under the sun? Play Within The Sand Day is about building sandcastles, digging holes and burying your buddies!

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Would the quickrete play sand affect the ph?

No. Play sand is mainly neutral and shouldn't have any effect. However, it is very dirty and will need to be rinsed multiple times before you put it in the tank. If you don't it will clog the filters and leave a haze for days. You be better off with pool filter sand. It is usually more white and looks better IMO and much cleaner when you buy it.

Can i use play sand for hamster bedding why or why not?

Can i use play sand for hamster bedding why or why not?

No, play sand is not a suitable bedding.

Sand has absolutely no odor control. Once the hamster pees on it (even just a few times), it's going to stink to high heaven. You can scoop the clump out, but the sand is still going to smell bad. To use it hygienically, you would have to throw away and replace all of the sand every single day. This would be incredibly expensive for you and stressful for the hamster.

Now, play sand can be used as a bathing medium. You can put it in a small dish and the let the hamster roll / dig in it. It's the exact same thing as chinchilla sand (not dust, which is unsafe, but sand), which can be used for hamsters. Of course, if the hamster does pee in it, it needs to be replaced, but dumping out a little bowl of it isn't going to break your wallet. Play sand is meant for kids to play in, so it is relatively "clean" most of the time.

And of course it contains "chemicals"--EVERYTHING contains chemicals. Water is a chemical. Air is a chemical. That doesn't mean it's unsafe.

Is play sand ok to use in a Aquarium?

Is play sand ok to use in a Aquarium?

play sand is perfectly fine for your tank ... it does require serious rinsing but in my opinion it looks really nice and natural ... every tank i have has sand ... one has playsand from home depot too ... it was 5 dollars for a huge bag and i also have 3m colorquartz which was 10 times the price ... your plants will grow fine in it ... especially water wysteria ... and i changed to sand because i found the gravel and all the vacuuming of said gravel to be a hassle ... especially when my plants started filling in, it was hard to vacuum the gravel around the plants and roots ... now i only hoover the top of the sand once a month with weekly water changes of course ... i did find that with the first month or two when doing water changes, it would stir up a bit, but now that is not an issue ... i have five tanks with four different types of sand and four different kinds of filters and the sand has never been sucked up or damaged any filter ... all of my tanks have malaysian trumpet snails which burrow in the sand during the day and keep it aerated and come out at night ... they do not breed out of control and are very helpful in avoiding any bacteria pockets that could form from the sand being compressed and not aerated ... in my big tank the puffers ate many of the malaysian trumpet snails and so when i do water changes i use my giant tweezers to stir the sand a bit to help with aeration ... go for the sand :O)

if you have 10 minutes to kill here is how i changed from gravel to sand :O)

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