Punctuation Day 2021 is on Friday, September 24, 2021: LGBT: How do you plan on celebrating National Punctuation Day?


Friday, September 24, 2021 is Punctuation Day 2021. National Punctuation Day Click on the punctuation

Punctuation Day

The value of proper punctuation kinds the center of an ongoing discussion, where the requirement of clear and precise communication is held up versus the demand for an evolution language. Punctuation Day argues that the correct usage of apostrophes, semicolons and various other punctuation is important if you're to obtain your (as opposed to, claim, you're) message throughout. If you have actually spotted any sort of examples of bad punctuation, take Punctuation Day as an opportunity to share them with your good friends to promote awareness.

LGBT: How do you plan on celebrating National Punctuation Day?

By reminding you that a period is required in your thrid paragraph and not a question mark (even though I'm certainly not a part of LGBT and even though I agree with your punctuation cause).

You are simply stating that you would LIKE TO KNOW, and are not actually asking a question. Therefore, a question mark is improper - sorry.



here's the exact paragraph properly punctuated:

Lucy didn't sleep a bit that night but lay scared there until morning came along, which then her mother woke her up to get ready for school. Lucy tried to explain to her mother what had happened that night, but was so tired that, when her mother responded it as, “just being a dream,” she didn't have the strength to argue with her.

Later in school that day, Lucy was quiet, shy, and wasn’t really that sociable, so she didn’t have many friends at her school; she only had one. Her name was Susan. Lucy had met Susan in kindergarten and decided to be best friends from then on. But when Lucy told Susan the story about the doll, she just laughed and didn’t believe her. Susan felt bad at first, but she had to think that Lucy was dreaming because nothing like that ever happens. From there and on, Lucy didn’t want to be friends with her anymore, since, when Lucy needed her the most, all Susan did was laugh, thought she was crazy, and described it as, “only being a dream.”

Why is grammar and punctuation so awful these days?!?

Why is grammar and punctuation so awful these days?!?

Several years ago my stepdaughter was going to the 10th grade and couldn't spell. I went to her guidance counsellor and was told to get her a spell checker. If you cannot spell the word to begin with how can you be expected to find it in a spell checker.

I blame the schools for not teaching children proper english.

I hated phonetic spelling in the schools and used to try and undo it everynight when my children got home, but if you notice, in the messages these days, most still spell phonetically.

My children, not my stepchildren, were never allowed to spell phonetically growing up and now they are correct in their grammer, punctuation, etc. However, my stepchildren were raised by an uncaring parent and as a result, to this day, cannot spell correctly.

I agree with some that texting has become rampant, but these same people have been given an education that is lacking in the proper language etiquettes.

It has to start somewhere, and I blame the schools. They have ruined our children with the phonetic use of the language.

You can't blame a child's texting for the issue at hand.

People seem to forget that there used to be something called shorthand years ago when dictation was taken with a pen and paper and they created their own language for that.

No, texting is not the cause, it is the result. Our children have been taught that it is ok to take liberties with the language.

Besdies, I text (I'm 52) and I use the shortcuts all the time. However, when I go back to writing business letters they dont look like this:

Der so &so. pls scuse the wrtin as im deflictive.

Nuff said??

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