Roberts Rule of Order Day 2018 is on Wednesday, May 2, 2018: what is robert's Rule Of Order?

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 is Roberts Rule of Order Day 2018. Robert's Rules of Order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert's Rules of Order - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

what is robert’s Rule Of Order?

Robert's Rules of Order is the informal short title of what has become a very widely used parliamentary authority—a book containing rules of order intended to be adopted for use by a deliberative assembly. 's_Rules_of_Order

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Robert’s Rules of Order???HELP?????

Robert's Rules of Order???HELP?????

First, "Robert's Rules" is specifically a standard of parliamentary procedure adopted & revised multiple times since the days of Thomas Jefferson.

It is NOT the binding rules of procedure in any organization, agency, council or board, within the US of A, unless a specific version of these procedures have previously been adopted by formal resolution and recorded in the minutes of the meeting on a certain date and the minutes of that meeting were adopted by later resolution at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

So, what I'm thinking is that your reference to "Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure may be a source of confusion, rather than a tool to focus in clarifying the essential question of what is going on with the Board of Directors of the organization in question.

Does this organization receive any public funds in the US of A?

If so, I think your best bet is to learn your specific state's Open Meetings Act, available through your local library or through the offices of your Attorney General in your state's capitol.

Generally an Executive Committee, like a Steering Committee, is composed of a smaller group of members of the total Board of Directors.

A reversal of a previous decision is a procedure which must be established in writing prior to the date of the questionable procedure. You must become familiar with the By-Laws of this organization to learn more.

Another question: You say, "All but 3 members of the bored(sic)refused to sign......" that's not enough information for an answer! What is the total number of Board members? 15? 12? 9? Given that information, one determine what is the MAJORITY decision, you see.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, can a failed bill be resubmitted under a new name?

According to Robert's Rules of Order, can a failed bill be resubmitted under a new name?

If the only thing you need to be concerned about is the latest version of Robert's Rules--which is Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition)--and not statutes, higher governing documents, adopted, rules, etc., then a main motion could be resubmitted under a new name, or even the same name. The concern would be WHEN can it be introduced and under what circumstances.

Under Robert's, a proposal considered at a meeting cannot be revisited at that same meeting except by the body voting to Reconsider the motion (see section 37). The motion to Reconsider can only be made on the same day as the original vote, unless you are in a convention, and must be made by someone who voted on the prevailing (against the bill, in your situation). The motion requires a majority vote. The idea behind this rule is that you shouldn't have to revisit the same motion already disposed of AT THE SAME MEETING unless someone on the winning side has changed her mind.

However, that's not the motion to use to revisit a matter at a later meeting. If a prior motion was defeated, simply a new motion can be noticed and moved. After all, because the main motion failed, it has no continuing effect. That is, the same main motion could be debated and defeated at every meeting until enough members are convinced to support it and it passes (and that's how change often gets made over time in bodies)

Just for purposes of considering the full picture here, if a main motion is adopted, it remains in effect until changed or done away with. That is done through the motion to combined motion Rescind/Amend Something Previously Adopted (see section 35).

Once again, though, these general rules from Robert's can be overridden by statute or adopted rules of order from the body.

Jim Slaughter

Attorney & Certified Professional Parliamentarian

Author, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track and Notes and Comments on Robert's Rules, Fourth Edition

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