Rock Your Mocs Day 2018 is on Thursday, November 15, 2018: What shoes would go with this outfit?

Thursday, November 15, 2018 is Rock Your Mocs Day 2018. Laguna Pueblo woman's 'Rock Your Mocs' campaign celebrates Native ... on the 'Rock Your Mocs'

What shoes would go with this outfit?

If you want to go cool and relaxed wear Metallic Flats Prefrebly silver, pewter along those lines but gold and bronze are fine too.

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For mens moccasins which of these styles do you think looks best?

For mens moccasins which of these styles do you think looks best?

Okay Ken ...we're makin' some progress.

More opinion.

The second pair of mocs are what I would go with. They are real leather and they do not have any lining in them.

Excellent choice.

These moccasins you could wear all day, inside or out, and the low profile rubber sole means they can at least handle damp or wet ground. If you're worried about keeping your feet warm then wear them with some socks. Yeah, there's like stupid big time debate over "how" to wear moccasins. "How" you wear them is how you want to ...bare foot or with socks. If it's cold out and you wanna keep your feet warmer, wear 'em with socks. You live in FLA or AZ or someplace it never gets cold? Then rock 'em sockless or with no-show socks.

You didn't ask but I'm gonna give ya some other choices to consider:


What beaches in Honolulu do most people hang out at?

What beaches in Honolulu do most people hang out at?

It often depends on the season or what you're planning to do at the beach. In the "summer" months, you might get a little bit of surf in "Town", while the North Shore will be "like glass". On that kind of day, you might go surfing or boogie boarding at Waikiki or Diamond Head, but you'd go swimming or snorkeling on the North Shore. Winter storms up near Alaska or Russia can cause huge waves on the North Shore, while Waikiki beach is great for swimming, and Hanauma Bay is great for snorkeling--if you get there early enough to avoid the crowds.

That being said, the best beaches tend to be on the Windward Side--Kailua, Lanikai, Waimanalo. If people who live in Honolulu don't have time to head to the other side of the island, they often go to the Kaimana/San Souci end of Waikiki, between the Aquarium and Diamond Head. If you're not a strong swimmer and are most interested in a protected beach, San Souci has a coral reef that protects the beach somewhat, and a lifeguard. Magic Island is an artificial peninsula with some engineered protection. And there's a little bitty, unmarked beach near Makapuu Beach that the locals call "Baby Mocs". It used to be the custom, and probably still is, for the locals to create a little, shallow, sandy pool there for the keiki (children) by moving the rocks that the surf brings in.

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