Sachertorte Day 2019 is on Thursday, December 5, 2019: Plane or Train? Travel Munich,Vienna,Zurich,Venice,Rome in 12 days.?

Thursday, December 5, 2019 is Sachertorte Day 2019. National Sacher Torte Day National Sacher Torte Day

Plane or Train? Travel Munich,Vienna,Zurich,Venice,Rome in 12 days.?


You should first fly into Munich. This would probably involve a flight into Frankfurt (Main) International and then flying onto Munich.

Below is a sample (travel) itinerary of how to travel around.

Day 1

Fly into Munich and discover this timeless city (as well as adapting to this new time zone)

Day 2

Continue your visit in Munich. That afternoon, take the 16:34 train to Zürich (you must make a reservation!). You arrive in Zürich at 20:44

Day 3

Visit Zürich and its surroundings. This is a really nice city and merits a day of exploration. Consider heading up to the Federal Polytechnic to take in the view from the top

Day 4

Further visiting of Zürich. That evening, take the 21:23 EuroNight (EN) Night train to Rome. You must make a reservation for this train!

Day 5

Welcome to Rome, and a new linguistic area. You arrive in Rome at 09:12. Begin exploring the city of one thousand years. And do not forget to look out for a "Gelateria Artigianale" — an ice-cream parlour which makes its own ice-cream as opposed to buying factory-made stuff

Day 6

Continue your exploration of Rome

Day 7

That morning, take the "EuroStar Italia" high-speed train to Venice S. Lucia station. Taking the 10:50 service, you arrive in Venice at 15:17. You must also reserve for this train!

Day 8

Explore the city of canals for a day — take a boat on the water, discover the back "alleys" and much more!

Day 9

Continue exploring Venice before taking yet another Night Train that evening. The train leaves at 21:05 from Venezia S. Lucia — you must make a reservation!

Day 10

You arrive in Vienna at 08:18 — become overwhelmed by the imposing Imperial Architecture. Pop into the Hotel Sacher (unless you plan to stay there) and eat the world-famous Sachertorte, a sublime chocolate cake.

Day 11

Continue exploring Vienna. That evening, take the 16:20 "RailJet" high-speed train to Munich. You arrive at 20:34. If you plan to leave on Day 12, take the 20:45 train from Munich to the airport where you should spend the night, in order to connect with your morning flight back home (via Frankfurt, no doubt)

Day 12

If you stayed in Munich, visit the city a bit more. Then head to the airport to fly back home

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What shall be best travel places in Italy and Germany for 6 days tour each. Tell me travel plan too?

What shall be best travel places in Italy and Germany for 6 days tour each. Tell me travel plan too?

You can visit St. Peter's Square and Basilica, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and Roman Forum when travel to Italy.

For Germany tour, a good itineray as follows, i think.

Day 1 - Board your overnight transatlantic flight.

Day 2 - Arrival in Munich, Germany. Time to rest or to start exploring the Bavarian capital. At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and traveling companions for a welcome dinner at your hotel.

Day 3 - Munich. Sightseeing with a Local Guide in Germany's "Secret Capital" features the Olympic Stadium, 1,000-foot-high Television Tower, MARIENPLATZ with the Old and the New Town Hall, and the gothic Frauenkirche. Afternoon to explore the town's well-known Christmas market at your own pace and try the famous Lebkuchen and Glühwein. Tonight is your chance to sample hearty Bavarian fare in one of Munich's lively restaurants.

Day 4 - Munich - Innsbruck, Austria - Salzburg. Drive into the winter wonderland of the Bavarian Alps and Tyrolean Mountains to Innsbruck. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the quaint medieval lanes to Emperor Maximilian's GOLDEN ROOF. Time for a stroll through the local Christmas market and for a leisurely lunch. In the afternoon, take the scenic route to Sound of Music Salzburg.

Day 5 - Salzburg. Walk with a Local Guide through the historic center. Admire exquisite MIRABELL GARDENS, the Great Festival Hall, ST. PETER'S CHURCHYARD, and the monumental Domplatz. Also visit MOZART'S BIRTHPLACE in the charming Getreidegasse. This afternoon, soak up the atmosphere of the Adventszeit (Advent season) and spend some time in the beautiful Christmas market, famous for its local handicrafts and imaginative Christmas presents. You may want to join an optional excursion through the Salzburg region to the house of Gruber, the composer of Silent Night, Holy Night.

Day 6 - Salzburg - Vienna. Morning drive to Vienna, once the center of the mighty Habsburg Empire. Meet your Local Guide and start your afternoon sightseeing with vistas of Prater Park with its giant Ferris wheel, and the United Nations City on the banks of the Danube River. Then, drive along Ring Boulevard, pass the State Opera House, the Jewish quarter, and stop at the Hofburg Palace, winter residence of the Austrian Imperial Family. Marvel at the impressive courtyards and famous Heldenplatz, and visit awesome ST. STEPHEN'S CATHEDRAL. An optional excursion to the wine village of Grinzing is a possibility tonight.

Day 7 - At Leisure in Vienna. A whole day at leisure gives you an opportunity to discover the various Christmas markets located throughout the city. Hear well-loved Christmas carols and marvel at the local festive decorations! Why not join the Viennese in one of their famous coffee houses"don't forget to savor Sachertorte and watch the jolly crowd. Tonight, enjoy a farewell dinner with the companions of a week well spent.

Day 8 - Your homebound flight arrives the same day.

Where can I find the ecipe for german chocolate cake, or Saschartort?

Where can I find the ecipe for german chocolate cake, or Saschartort?

First -- they're two VERY different things. German chocolate cake is a light chocolate cake served with icing made of caramel, coconut and pecans; traditionally it's not iced around the edges, but just between the layers and on top of the cake. This was my brother's favorite birthday cake growing up, and I still enjoy it today.

Sacher torte (or sachertorte, if you want to use a search engine to find recipes) is MY favorite birthday cake. It's a dark chocolate cake layered with raspberry jam (originally apricot), traditionally iced with chocolate mousse and then covered in dark chocolate ganache. Named for the Hotel Sacher in Vienna where the dessert was invented in the early 1800s, this was the subject of some heated debate, as related in the Larousse Gastronomique:

"For years, Vienna was divided into two camps by the sachertorte controversy. The supporters of sachertorte as it was served at the Sacher Hotel -- two layers separated by jam, the top being iced -- were led by the descendants of Franz Sacher, who regarded their version as the only authentic one. On the other side were the customers of the famous Demel patisserie, who based their claim on the rights acquired by Edouard Demel from Sacher's grandson, who authorized the so-called 'true' recipe (the cake is simply spread with jam then covered with the icing), as published in Die Wiener Konditorei by Hans Skrach. The Sacher Hotel finally won the day in court at the end of a case which fascinated Vienna for six years. Demel replied by claiming that his was the Ur-Sachertorte (the original cake)."

Wonderful things, both, but I'll take a sachertorte any day...

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