Sourest Day 2020 is on Sunday, October 25, 2020: why has my trout been sour for 40 days?


Sunday, October 25, 2020 is Sourest Day 2020. everyday a holiday to celebrate Sourest Day.

Sourest Day

Existence provided lemon? Sourest Day may be the day to shout about this. Reserve the authority to be irritated, irratable and sour concerning the world and all things in it.

why has my trout been sour for 40 days?

If your Trout is sour, it's because you probably need to throw it away. Trout needs to be refrigerated. The white bumps may be poison from eating a sour trout.

Ok Ok Im joking. I know what you meant!

It sounds like you may have tonsillitis!! Not good. Need to go see a doctor and get on some antibiotics.

You could need surgery to have your tonsils removed.

There is some spray you can use to give you some relief of a sore throat though. Really seek medical advice. Good Luck!


i been sour for 10 days now?

i been sour for 10 days now?

Sour, or Sore?

Day turning sour suddenly!??

Day turning sour suddenly!??

*hugs* I'm sorry, sometimes life is just like that. Find a few good friends and they'll cheer you up-- and as bad as things seem, I promise life does get better. Some days just suck...yesterday was the worst day of my life so far so I know how you feel.

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