Stand Up To Cancer Day 2018 is on Wednesday, September 12, 2018: confused about this cancer man?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 is Stand Up To Cancer Day 2018. Stand Up 2 Cancer Support collaborative cancer research and donate today!

Stand Up To Cancer Day

Endure Cancer aims to create an easy movement against cancer. Through TV and also the internet, specially the USA-based telethon that happens about this day, the ninth September, famous brands and also the entertainment industry synergy they are driving home the content that together we are able to stop cancer.One out of two males and one out of three women are affected from cancer within their lifetime (American Cancer Society). We are able to all have the terrible disease, if the person identified is really a friend, a parent or gaurdian, a young child, a brother or sister or perhaps a partner. Endure Cancer goal to create a u . s . front from the disease, raising money and advocating forward breakthrough research.Endure Cancer Day activly works to heighten the profile of research into cancer remedies and cures, to boost the available funds to back these studies and also to gather the very best groups of researchers and experts, getting rid of obstacles for their progress.We are able to all do our bit to stacks up to cancer, so today consider giving towards the cause, become involved by raising money or assisting with one of the numerous non profit organizations and initiatives trying to provide treatment, research and support, and first and foremost, honor and don't forget individuals who've been impacted by the condition.

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confused about this cancer man?

Cancer/ Capricorn relationships are a hit or miss. I personally find Capricorn girls harsh sometimes. Capricorns deal in facts and what is in front of them. Us Cancer is all about feeling you, its all about the tone of your voice, and how you say things. Capricorns can be a little too straightforward. That being said, you are telling only your side of the story in a logical way. As a Cancer guy, I can already feel how this Cancer guy is acting and why. I dealt with Capricorn girls before, in fact, there is one that likes me right now. I don't act on it because I am trying to feel her and not getting anywhere. You guys are so grounded, its scary. So practical all the time. Us Cancers are not like that.

One thing I can tell you is that, your cancer guy is frustrated with you about many things, and can't communicate. I mean, how do you ask a girl to be gentle? Or to be sensitive, or to just look you in the eyes and understand you? How can you ask not to be hurt again and again? That is what he wants, and I am not sure you can provide that. I mean you are already talking of walking away. Again, you are so practical. Try a Taurus or Virgo. It seems that you want consistency, practicality, straightforwardness etc.. An emotional cancer guy may not be able to provide that.

As far as the facebook thing. He may have just deactivated his account because he is trying to hide from someone, maybe you or another girl.

As far as the Ex thing, it all depends if he is over her. That I don't know. And he told you that he has been hurt many times. That happens a lot to cancers, even if we are not in relationships. Maybe he can smell that you gonna hurt him. And no offense, but the way you are writing this. It seems like that you would walk away at the first sign of trouble.

Let me tell you a secret about cancer guys. We are natural monogomist and are fiercely loyal to the one we love. And that is where we get in trouble. While we only pay attention to one girl, we find out that she has many suiters and might even like someone else besides us. After we have been hurt a few times and when we Cancers figure this out, one of the ways we practice emotional stability is to force ourselves to be interested in different girls. Your cancer guy is using the feelings he had or still has for his ex as an anchor to keep himself from falling in love with you because he knows you will hurt him. And in my opinion, I am 100 percent sure that if this guy gives you his heart, you will hurt him down the road. He won't be practical enough for you.

Standing in front of microwave all day - cancer?

Standing in front of microwave all day - cancer?

Some studies suggest a link between microwave radiation and cancer, but here's a physics lesson of sorts.

Unlike UV radiation (which we know contributes towards skin cancer), microwaves have a vary large wavelength (anywhere from 1mm to 1m, UV can be 10 NANOmeters to 400 nanometers --- that's tiny in comparison; Gamma radiation is even smaller) and don't travel very far. Microwaves don't need very much to stop them traveling --- unlike gamma radiation, which needs several feet of solid lead to stop it. I'd be surprised if microwaves can even travel through the casing of a microwave.

Basically, as long as you don't stand with your head inside the microwave, you'll be fine. Short term exposure is more likely to cause superficial burns than a cancer of any sort. The likelihood of microwave radiation causing cancer is negligible. The things before visible light on the EM spectrum () aren't thought to be carcinogenic to the extent that those things after it are --- we know for certain UV and X-rays can cause cancer as it can cause DNA to mutate. But we also know that it takes years of much exposure to those (those which have very short wavelengths and can travel a long distance before stopping) before you might end up with cancer.

In short, you used a microwave for about 20/21 minutes. If microwave radiation DOES cause cancer, it would take many years and a LOT of exposure. Not just a few minutes here and there. You should be more worried about the UV you receive daily. If your microwave was sealed and worked correctly, you did NOT expose yourself to a lot of radiation. You're fine.

Is MS considered a form of cancer?

Is MS considered a form of cancer?

No, it is not a form of cancer.

For Patterson589, MS doesn't stand for "Muscular" Sclerosis. It stands for Multiple Sclerosis.

And my husband has MS (as does one of his cousins).

MS is an auto-immune disease. Picture the coax cable your TV cable or internet run through. It has a 'covering' made of rubber, or whatever that stuff is, and inside that covering are many wires.

When the cable covering is damaged in a way that leaves the wires inside exposed, those wires can 'cross' and short, obviously causing all kinds of problems.

With MS, you have nerves running through your body. The nerves have a 'covering' called the Myelin (or myelin shieth). The Myelin would be the 'covering' of the wires in the coax. The nerves are the "wires" inside.

In an auto-immune disease, the body literally attacks itself, because for whatever reason, the body "thinks" that something in particular is a foreign body, and attacks it. With MS, the body sees the Myelin as the foreign body, and attacks it... eating away at it until the nerves are exposed.

Once exposed, the nerves can "short", causing the symptoms MS patients experience, from numbness, slurred speech, drop foot, to fibromyalgia and MS Tremor (similar in some ways to a seizure). What symptoms a person will have, and to what degree depends on where the Myelin is damaged... what part of the body those exposed nerves affect.

(Edit/Addition: As another responder correctly mentioned, these damaged areas along the nerves are called "lesions". They appear as white 'dots' or 'spots' on imaging.)

Also, there are 4 main types of MS, Relapsing-Remitting, Primary Progressive, Secondary Progressive, and Progressive-Relapsing.


The responder mentioning that some cancer drugs work in slowing down the process of MS is correct. The three main ones are the "ABC drugs": Avonex, Beta-Interferon, and Copaxone. And they're discovering new possibilities all the time.

My husband started Avonex ~6 yrs ago, and was on it ~5 yrs. He recently switched to Copaxone, and it seems to be working better.

It is also correct that MS is an incurable disease, but isn't necessarily something to fear. There are those who have/had chronic progression of the disease, such as Annette Funicello and Richard Pryor, but thankfully most of the MS patients my husband and I know don't fall into this category. Many can live normal lives with proper diet, exercise when possible, and medication to help with symptoms.

I personally have not found evidence that cancer is an auto-immune disease. There is speculation on both sides, and the jury is still out for the most part.

I did a lot of reading about MS while dating my husband, and the same for cancer in recent years (I've had 4 family members die of cancer since 2000 and one is battling it now). In my understanding of the information I read, auto-immunity is the body attacking itself, whereas cancer is the culprit 'going after the body'. However, medical science is yet unclear on how some cancers begin, so that could be the key.

Being told "If you smoke, you will get lung cancer" does not appear to be the body "seeing" one of its own 'parts' as foreign, and attacking it as though it was a virus, bacteria, etc. If smoking (tar and/or nicotine) causes some kind of reaction in the cells of the lungs which in turn causes cancer to grow, that's not auto-immunity. Some develop skin cancer as a result of spending too much time, for too many years, in the sun. The UV rays cause skin damage that can develop into cancer - and again, this does not fit the definition of auto-immunity.

However, I won't argue that cancer as a whole is something we just don't fully understand yet. My mother had uterine cancer, an uncle had prostate cancer, the origin of an aunt's cancer was never known because of the extent the cancer had covered every organ, and a cousin is currently fighting a liver cancer. They all varied/vary in age, the youngest being early 30's, the eldest being late 70's. What caused them to develop cancer? No one knows. So again, that could be the key.

But back to MS. For the asker, I don't know if you were simply watching Montel and was curious, or if you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with MS, but if you want to know more about any disease, your best defense (especially in cancer) is early detection, hitting it head on, and just as important, become as knowledgeable as you can through research. The more you know, the more able you will be to fight whatever comes your way.

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