US Snow Shoe Days 2019 is on Saturday, February 2, 2019: What is a shoe fairy?

Saturday, February 2, 2019 is US Snow Shoe Days 2019. Snowshoe Mountain Resort, West Virginia Ski Weather Forecast Snowshoe Mountain 3 Day Lift

What is a shoe fairy?

The Shoe Fairy

The inspiration for the Shoe Fairy came from a little boy who wore these shoes to school one day in the snow. He didn't want to go outside for the first recess. After finding that his family would not be able to buy him new shoes till spring/summer, my daughter and I decided to buy him a new pair of shoes.

A few mornings later we decided to take them to school and give them to him. My daughter did not want him to know that they were from us. So Kylee, who had just recently lost a tooth, and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy, came up with the idea of telling him that the shoes were from the "Shoe Fairy".

We took the shoes to her class and told this boy that the "Shoe Fairy" had come to our house to give her little brother a pair of shoes but they were too big for him. We knew that he needed a new pair of shoes and told him that if they fit he could have them.

When he tried them on, he looked at me with the biggest grin on his face and said, “They fit, can I really have them?” The look on his face touched me so much it made my heart smile. I told him that of course, he could have them. I then asked him if I could have his old shoes? He asked what I was going to do with them? I told him that I would give them to the "Shoe Fairy" and she would make a new pair of shoes out of them for another little boy who may need shoes.

That was the day that I knew that I had to take this feeling I had in my heart and do something good with it.

My goal is to make sure that no matter what the circumstance, kids in Elementary Schools have good shoes.

I buy gift cards from Payless Shoes in the amount of $15. These gift cards will be given to children that are in need of shoes. I have met with many Elementary Schools in Utah, and let the teachers know that if they notice a child that needs new shoes, to contact me. I will then give the teacher a $15 gift card to Payless Shoes. The teacher will give the child the gift card and the child, with their parents, can go and pick out a new pair of shoes for themselves.

I started this program in February 2002. The Shoe Fairy is a non-profit organization and is registered with the IRS. 100% of the donations go directly to the shoe cards.

Thank you so much for all the donations. Please know that they are keeping children in warm shoes this year and for many years to come.

The Shoe Fairy is a non-profit organization 501 c-3 76-0797007.

God Bless You

Wendy and Kylee Olsen

Donations can be sent to:

The Shoe Fairy

P.O. Box 1451

Orem, UT 84059

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Which pair of shoes are nicer mukluks or moccasins?

Which pair of shoes are nicer mukluks or moccasins?

There are many of us who would wear moccasins all day long. They are more comfortable than shoes, and your foot breaths. In general, the foot stays healthier! When the foot is healthy, the whole body stays in better health! For those who use moccasins on a regular basis outdoors, we have the advantage of a foot massage, every time we walk or dance! Check out web sights on Reflexology, and how a massage to the feet improves your health. You will see that Native American Shoes, IE Moccasins, are better for the feet than European shoes.

Mukluks are for heavy snow, so they are not used as often. Also, the proper materials for mukluks are not readily available. These mukluks on these websites will keep your feet warm during winter, but not in snow.

ps, my research is years of wearing moccasins, and being trained in Reflexology.

Poll: Snow White or Cinderella?

Poll: Snow White or Cinderella?

dont remember either .

snow white lost her shoe ??? or was it cinderella ?

Snow white sounds better . so Snow white .

BQ) i dont remember any .

have a good day/night.

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