Video Games Day 2018 is on Wednesday, September 12, 2018: My brother only plays video games all day?

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Video Games Day

Game titles represent among the biggest and quickest growing entertainment industries – from consoles and hardware, to games and add-ons, as well as towards the music, artwork and dialogue in games, game titles really are a huge a part of modern existence. Video Games Day reminds us that game titles continue to be a really new creation if you are a relevant video game fan or perhaps a hardcore player, take the time to become awed through the rate of progress – and when you aren't a game titles person, a good this very day to give it a try?

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My brother only plays video games all day?

They are finding out more and more kids are becoming addicted to video games. It has something to do with changes in the brain chemistry. Mostly it has to do with the release of neutrotransmitter dopamine. The Call of Duty games are particularly addicting. He may need to see a counselor trained in video game addiction to break him of the habit.

Your parents control the electricity. He can not play if they disconnect the power cord or something else required to play it.

There are parental controls for PS3. Ask around and find out how to set the timer on the thing. A timer will limit his daily playing time. There is also parental controls for televisions.

Get him interested in other things. Take him to laser tag or paint ball. Even going to a minor league baseball team's game. Anything to stop the mind rot.

Find some enrichment class for him to do this summer. I would also try to find a fun remedial math class for him to take. Your parents need to ask his counselor at school for some ideas. There might be newspapers at the public library with things kids can do in the summer. Ask the reference librarian if she/he has anything.

Get him interested in computer drawing. There is software on computers, but you can also buy some pretty good software. Again, ask the art teacher at his school or the high school. If you go to college, ask the art dept. They also might know of a course for him. It involves math so it is a back door idea to make him see the practical use of fractions and ratios.

Re guitar practice Could it be the teacher and the stuff he is learning? Ask.

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I do not understand why video games suck now a days?

I do not understand why video games suck now a days?

Well, Kenny. In my opinion online kills the fun out of games. Back in the day, there was no online for any system, so people would play single player games and talk about them more, but with online everyone gets too intense and online play multiplayer games. Another thing is that with goldeneye and games like that it is really fun to play with people when they are next to you...but unfortunately online killed that too, there is no need for people to play with you next to each other when you can just play online. it sucks i know, i miss the days too were friends were over and we could all play next to each other. fuck online!

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