Westminster Dog Show 2020 is on Monday, February 10, 2020: Is anyone watching the Westminster Kennel Dog Show?

Monday, February 10, 2020 is Westminster Dog Show 2020. 2014 Westminster Results Purina® Pro Plan® Dog Food Fed to The Past 8 of 8 Best In Show Champs

Westminster Kennel Club

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a two-day, all-breed benched conformation show that takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City every year.

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Is anyone watching the Westminster Kennel Dog Show?

At westminster, I don't think I have seen one at least not in the group ring. But I have seen handlers in wheelchairs, I have also seen blind handlers (they have another handler with them guiding them), I have seen one lady that could barely walk in the ring with her maltese, she would use her scooter to get around outside the ring but would walk in the ring, the maltese basically showed itself.

I think I have even heard of kids that were high functioning autistic that have shown dogs and done well.

This isn't particularly common, but still does happen.

I did watch westminster, and I am glad the scottish deerhound won.

PETA invaded the Westminster dog show?

PETA invaded the Westminster dog show?

First, as for the second part of your question...my feelings on the actions and comments of those that think purebreds are mutants. I honestly feel like some people adjust their beliefs to meet a criteria of what is most beneficial to them. They will adjust the truth to prove their point. They exaggerate and lie. They grasp any survey or idea that might make their way of thinking look more believable and honest. Far too many people do this. These people are fanatics. And they are dangerous. They do not believe there is any way but their way and will destroy, maim, lie, cheat and steal to make themselves look good. There are fanatics on all sides.

There are fanatics that breed, train, and rescue. I am sure that are also fanatics that show dogs, but I cannot honestly say I have met any that show pure breeds that have gone to these lengths. Most of the ones who legitimately show (and I am talking about the ones I am familiar with) get involved in a debate only when they need to defend their position and they have been forced to do this more and more lately. I am not saying there are not some fanatics in the pure breed show ring. I am just saying I have not personally met any of them. The other fanatics it is hard to miss.

They are shoving their beliefs down every ones throats and many times are doing it by asking a provocative question that will lead to a debate. And too many of us get drawn in too many times. I have fallen prey myself and have vowed to try and steer clear in the future. When you have someone who believes the only way to do something is their way, then they are a fanatic and they are dangerous. They will criticize anyone who thinks differently and will demean people, deliberately trying to provoke and argument. They live to make others look bad and usually end up making themselves look bad and showing how little they really know. T\If asked a legitimate question, they will evade it and go all around the answer, never telling you what they cannot, because they do not know. Their aim is to promote their own beliefs, period. And sadly, they tend to attract others like them and travel in packs. Then, if there is a group that disagrees with them, they will accuse everyone in that group of forming a clique (which is essentially what they have done). They do not understand those people may not always agree with each other... but they see that what is being said by the fanatic is way off the mark or even detrimental to another aspect of the situation ... and they say so. It has nothing to do with forming a clique but voicing an opposing opinion and hopefully showing someone that hey may need to rethink what they are doing and saying.

This is true with anything, and not just in the dog and animal world.

As for Peta, and their antics, everything I said above holds true for PETA. And I have some questions for them: Where is PETA when a puppy mill is holding an advertised dog auction and puppies and dogs are being slaughtered on site that do not get sold? Where is PETA when the real abuse issues come up? Perhaps they should stop worrying about people showing dogs and get down to the heart of the matter, attacking those people who make dogs fear aggressive and who torture animals to make them conform to what they want them to be. That has nothing to do with purebred show dogs. And where is PETA when a dog owner hears media hype about a specific breed, such as the APBT, and becomes afraid of his own dog, even though no aggression has been shown...and they set their dog on fire or hang him or torture him? Where is PETA when a deranged person is beating a 6 month old GSD to death with an ax and the dog's screams bring people that get the horrific scene on tape? Where is PETA when they see the tape and are begged to help get action on this situation? Where is PETA when they are needed? I can tell you. They are at a reputable dog show holding up a ridiculous sign.

Need a copy of the 97 Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, either VHS or DVD....?

Need a copy of the 97 Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, either VHS or DVD....?

The USA Network has the rights to the WKC, and they have the tapes of the 121st show. They have a number of past shows on DVD. If nothing else, they can get you in touch with the right person.

USA has a forum for the WKC, and those people would be the best to direct you further.

They may even have a tape for you, although I would try and pursue the option of something a little closer to the source material.

Good luck!


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+1 (212) 664-3890 - NBC Universal/SciFi Channel (Verified by SurvivorJoe)

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