World Maths Day 2019 is on Tuesday, March 12, 2019: World Maths day?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 is World Maths Day 2019. World Maths Day Turn Classroom Tech Geeks to Heros Help Students support School IT.

World Maths Day 2011

World Maths Day (World Math Day in American English) is an online international mathematics competition, powered by educational resource provider 3P Learning (the same organisation behind the school resources Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience).

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World Maths Day

Educational games can equal to an enjoyable experience, as World Maths Day proves. The annual event encourages 1000's of scholars from around the globe to take a rest from standard maths training. Rather, they be a part of competitive maths-designed games, with the opportunity to win certificates and awards. The goal would be to help raise standards of numeracy.Because it began in 2007 through the organisation 3P Learning, World Maths Day has witnessed its recognition multiply fast. It’s now place in the world Education Games, connecting schools from many areas of the world, as well as in 2010 the big event established a global record for that biggest-ever online maths contest. Children as youthful as five could possibly get involved, in competition with others from abroad instantly. It's also easy to play via cell phones to ensure that much more youngsters can uncover the amount-designed activities.

World Maths day?

Im in world maths day and people all around the world are in it and I went on it today and saw people from India go check out the website and i also saw people from whats it called Im serious

how to register on world maths day?

how to register on world maths day?

There's a world math day? Sweet.



According to the website, you cannot register until February, the month before the event.

world maths day passwords?

world maths day passwords?

Since world math's day was March 4th, they won't let you play anymore. It will redirect you to some other math game site.

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