World Ranger Day 2021 is on Saturday, July 31, 2021: WWII rangers?


Saturday, July 31, 2021 is World Ranger Day 2021. Rangers world ranger day

WWII rangers?

World War II

European theater

In May 1942, during World War II, the 1st Ranger Battalion was sanctioned, recruited, and began training in Scotland under the British Commandos; 80 percent of the original rangers came from the 34th Infantry Division. Together with the ensuing 3rd, and 4th Ranger Battalions they fought in North Africa and Italy commanded by William O. Darby until the Battle of Cisterna (January 29, 1944) when most of the rangers of the 1st and 3rd battalions were captured.

Before the 5th Ranger Battalion landing on Dog White Sector, Omaha Beach, in World War II, the 2nd Ranger Battalion scaled the 150-foot cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, a few miles to the west, to destroy a five-gun battery of 155mm artillery guns. Under constant fire during the climb, they encountered only a small company of Germans on the cliffs and the artillery withdrawn some 500 meters. The guns were later found and destroyed, and the Rangers cut and held the main road for two days before being relieved.

Pacific theater

Meanwhile two separate Ranger units fought the war in the Pacific Theater. The 98th Field Artillery Battalion was formed on 16 December 1940 and activated at Fort Lewis on January 1941. On 26 September, 1944, they were converted from field artillery to light infantry and became 6th Ranger Battalion. 6th Ranger Battalion led the invasion of the Philippines and performed the daring Raid at Cabanatuan. They played an important role until they were deactivated on 30 December, 1945, in Japan.

After the first Quebec Conference, the 5307th Composite Unit (provisional) was formed with Frank Merrill as the commander, leading them to be nicknamed Merrill's Marauders. They began training in India on October 31, 1943. Composed of the famous six color-coded combat teams that would become part of modern Ranger heraldry, they fought against the Japanese during the Burma Campaign. In February 1944, the Marauders began a 1,000 mile march over the Himalayan mountain range and through the Burmese jungle to strike behind the Japanese lines. By March, they had managed to cut off Japanese forces in Maingkwan and cut their supplies lines in the Hukawng Valley. On May 17, the Marauders and Chinese forces captured the Myitkyina airfield, the only all-weather airfield in Burma. The Marauders proved themselves a truly exceptional unit and have the very rare distinction of having every member of the unit receive the Bronze Star Medal.

After World War II, the Rangers were disbanded, however, the ranger training regime was kept in place, though only senior NCOs and officers were allowed the training.

Rangers/ Phillies World Series?

Rangers/ Phillies World Series?

Or Rangers/Giants.

Here's the trend I noticed, with the ALCS starting one day earlier than the NLCS.

The teams in both the AL and NL West won games 1, 3, and 4. The teams in both the AL and NL East won games 2 and 5.

The AL West team won game 6, if this trend continues the NL West team should win game 6 tomorrow.

Disney world?

Disney world?

I love Disney World. My husband and I go there quit abit. Infact we leave March 5 for 8 days of Mickey World. Some of my favorite rides are:

Magic Kingdom

splash mountain

the haunted mansion

it's a small world

space mountain

buzz lightyear's space ranger spin


spaceship earth


Animal Kingdom

kilimanjaro safaris

kali river rapids

expedition everest


the great movie ride

backot tour

tower of terror

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