World Water Day 2019 is on Friday, March 22, 2019: why is the world losing water

Friday, March 22, 2019 is World Water Day 2019. World Water Day: March 22 Facts About the Water Crisis and Info On What You Can Do To Help

2013 World Water Day to Mark

World Water Day has been observed on 22 March since 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly declared 22 March as "World Day for Water".

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World Water Day

It’s an unfortunate but true proven fact that 783 million people all over the world still do not need water that is clean. Over 2.5 million people still don't have proper use of sufficient sanitation facilities. This sad insufficient such fundamental human needs is really a tragedy that individuals all over the world are trying to find to redress.This is why the Un provides World Water Day – each day where individuals can concentrate on the many different ways regular people can get involved with helping people reclaim some dignity, and enhance their lengthy-term health through use of neat and safe water. Other water issues for example safeguarding marine eco-systems will also be outlined each year about this day. We want our water in most its forms!Water is really a precious commodity that lots of ignore. World Water Day is an opportunity to consider individuals people and places where water needs continue to be vital, and aim to interact to locate a solution.

why is the world losing water??

World's water supply 'running low'

Parts of rural India rely heavily on underground water sources

The world's natural supply of underground water, on which two billion people depend, is being run down, according to the United Nations.

Water tables are falling by about three metres a year across much of the developing world, according to a study by the UN Environment Programme (Unep).

Launching its report on World Environment Day, the UN said governments must take immediate action to reverse the decline.

"I hope this report will serve as a wake-up call concerning the human, social and economic consequences of squandering our vital underground water supplies," said Klaus Toepfer, Unep's executive director.

Growing populations, industrialisation and more intensive farming are all contributing to a dramatic increase in the use of water.

In Arizona, the amount of water being taken from the ground is twice what is replaced naturally, the report says.

In parts of the Arabian Gulf, underground water sources are being contaminated by salty sea water pumped from the coast through leaky pipelines to boost city supplies.

Developing countries in particular are using up groundwater at what the report calls "an alarming rate".

Dhaka in Bangladesh has been tapping into its underground water sources so vigorously that in some places the water table has fallen by 40 metres. New boreholes produce a third less water than 30 years ago, experts say.

Hidden problem

But the UN says the issue is not getting enough attention because water tables are mainly hidden from view.

"If a lake, river or reservoir becomes depleted or dries up, the event is highly visible. There is public outcry and often action taken," Mr Toepfer said.


Mexico Property damaged by land subsidence

Arabian Gulf Type of flooding called 'water logging'

Rural India 80% of drinking water comes from ground

US Water stores in huge Ogalla Aquifer have dropped by 20%

"Hopefully [the report's] findings will ensure that underground water supplies are no longer 'out of sight and thus out of mind'."

The report says some of the world's biggest cities - including Bangkok, Cairo, Calcutta, London, Mexico City and Jakarta - are dependent on groundwater and should be "prudent" in managing their supplies.

The report calls for a more integrated management structure of underground water supplies and for relevant agencies to be given the necessary resources.

Communities and those whose livelihoods are reliant on groundwater need to be encouraged to seek alternatives and should be given training and credit for doing so, it says.

But first, it concludes, many parts of the developing world need to be better informed of the issue, so they can monitor the crisis properly before it becomes any more acute.

World water day????/?

World water day????/?

Donot waste water at home

Recycle the water in your society

Use rainwater harvesting in your area

Happy World Water Day?

Happy World Water Day?

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