World Wetlands Day 2019 is on Saturday, February 2, 2019: What are you doing for "World Wetlands Day"?

Saturday, February 2, 2019 is World Wetlands Day 2019. 2 February is World Wetlands Day.

2010 World Wetlands day

2 February is World Wetlands Day.

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World Wetlands Day

Ever stopped as it were and regarded precisely how precious our natural world is? World Wetlands Day is definitely an chance to keep in mind individuals beautiful, boggy areas of the world that ducks, geese, swans, frogs, water voles, flamingoes and all sorts of some other type of waterfowl and creatures must have to be able to exist and thrive harmoniously.Everyone knows that areas of the world they are under chance of being over-developed at the fee for the animals who inhabit these dwindling areas. The esturine habitat need our help, money and support as to determine these beautiful wild birds along with other water-based animals survive for next-gen. World Wetlands Day is the best chance to create a much-needed donation to some charitable organisation that actually works in order to save these areas. Or, if you reside near a esturine habitat center, visit it! They're fascinating places, operated by devoted staff and volunteers who require your support – and you'll just end up becoming attracted into the field of watching birds, character photography, duck feeding or birdhouse building!

What are you doing for "World Wetlands Day"?

Normal stuff, like going through the day not knowing what the hell 'world wetlands day' is.

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List of World days...Someone?

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Full moon after the spring equinox the first Easter Sunday (Easter Monday) (possible that the March 22-4 on day 25 of the day

Canada’s wetlands?

Canada's wetlands?

Wetlands encompass many different habitats including ponds, marshes, swamps, and peatlands. They are areas where land and water meet and are wet for an ecologically significant part of the year. Wetlands may be temporally flooded each day as with tidal marshes, or be filled seasonally with water from melting snow. Plants and animals present in wetlands are from land and water habitats making them highly productive environments. Wetlands function as ecotones, transitions between different habitats, and have characteristics of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Wetlands are found along the shorelines of oceans, lakes, rivers and in local depressions. The water in natural wetlands derives from tidal flows, lakes, flooding rivers, or connections to groundwater. The water table in wetlands is at or near the surface, and the land is often covered with shallow water.

Wetlands have often been described as the kidneys of the landscape because of the role they play in water and chemical cycles. Wetlands filter out sediment and pollution from the surrounding environment so that the water they discharge is cleaner that which entered the wetland. In this manner, wetlands act as both a sink and source, storing and passing on vital resources to their local environment.

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