World Whale Day 2021 is on Monday, February 15, 2021: World Ocean Day?


Monday, February 15, 2021 is World Whale Day 2021. Maui Whale Fest's “World Whale Day” parade, celebration slated for ... World Whale Day is presented

World Whale Day

Titans from the sea are celebrated on World Whale Day, which aims to boost understanding of these magnificent animals. The annual holiday began in Maui, Hawaii, in 1980, to honor humpback whales, which go swimming off its coast. It’s the primary showcase from the Maui Whale Festival.Each year, crowds flock towards the island to participate in the disposable all-day event, organised through the Off-shore Whale Foundation. The enjoyment begins having a parade including floats, costumed figures and children’s occasions, plus music from Hawaiian and worldwide stars.However, it's not necessary to go to Maui to mark valentine's day. Whales need support from wildlife enthusiasts everywhere to satisfy conservation risks for example lack of habitat and pollution, so an ideal method to celebrate your day could be to get familiar with a fundraiser event wherever you reside. You’ll possess a whale of the some time and aid an excellent cause!

World Ocean Day?

I will do my part by not farting in the ocean. The last time I did, 17 whales beached themselves!

what is it like to go on a world cruise?

what is it like to go on a world cruise?

Not been on a world cruise. Would be fed up by the end of 2-3 months on a cruise ship. We tend to go to places that interest us the most so we have "cruised around the world missing out the "done that" or don't want to do that" places.

If you want to see whales or wildlife - and get close - read on:-

Depends what is important to you! Here are our experiences:-

Very first cruise was 1,700 passenger Princess cruise, Vancouver to Anchorage. Loved it!

Tried the big lines for several cruises.

However we didn't like the crowds and missing the "real world" you pass by on the way to the next money making tourist stop shopping town, complete with 2+ other cruise ships also docked!

There is however an alternative if you want to see the REAL Alaska etc. rather than travelling on a resort ship with thousands of strangers!! Instead of missing everything, or having to pay extra - and still miss most of the real Alaska......

Went on 100 person ship Anchorage to Vancouver late July.

Never saw a big ship!

Never stopped at a tourist trap town!

No dancing girls or casino.

No crowds or queues!

Visited back of beyond small towns - bet you have never been to a hammer museum - we have now!

We spent most of the time out in the Zodiacs seeing the best show on earth - NATURE!

-In front of a glacier having a 10,000 ton calving (mini tsunami moved us all around).

-Standing in a salmon spawning stream with the fish swimming through our feet.

-Being one side of a river watching bears catching salmon on the other side!

-Spending 2 hours drifting with a pod of about 20 humpback whales bubble feeding - something

you never expect to see live other than on TV.

-Sea otters, Sea lions, humpback breaching about 50ft from us!

-Barbecued on a spit of land surrounded by nature/mini icebergs/Eagles!

-Drifting with a pod of Orca whales as we approached northern Victoria Island in the Inside Passage.

-Total sensory overload all the time etc. etc.

-You don't compromise comfort or good food! Yes they are more expensive - but worth it!

If you are really adventurous you could even try dog sledging just South of Anchorage at Girwood. We drove down in a rental car, you get helicoptered up on to a glacier where the Alaskan Iditarod husky dogs have their summer camp. A trip round the glacier and playing with the puppies is a very memorable experience!

Since then we have travelled the same route in reverse.

Recently on another small ship staying in the Alaska Glacier National Park area during early August. Hiking, kayaking, glacier watching's peak whale watching time in remote areas......accompanied by one of the Parks rangers who are a fountain of knowledge about everything around you!

The big ships cannot (they aren't allowed to and it is impractical to with 2000+ passengers!) let passengers ashore! We watched the big ships going by 2/3 miles away missing all the action!

The choice is yours! We never go on big ships now!

Do you think its fare that japan kills all our whales on the land?

Do you think its fare that japan kills all our whales on the land?

Whaling fleet prevented from killing whales

Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary — Following a 10-day search in Antarctic waters, the Greenpeace ship Esperanza confronted Japan’s whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary last week. After a high speed chase over hundreds of miles the factory ship Nisshin Maru was driven out of the hunting grounds. Without this ship, the rest of the fleet has been unable to hunt whales for the last 5 days. The Esperanza continues to follow the Nisshin Maru which is now heading south again.

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