Zip Code Day 2020 is on Wednesday, July 1, 2020: What is the zip code for Oregon? ?


Wednesday, July 1, 2020 is Zip Code Day 2020. Cambridge Main Street - News Zip Code Day by Roy Heisler

What is the zip code for Oregon? ?

Try these US Zip Code finder links

Zip codes for Oregon

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what is a philippines zip code?

what is a philippines zip code?

The Philippines does not have a ZIP code.

It has a country code. Click on the link below for a discussion on country codes.

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what is zip code for riyadh?

what is zip code for riyadh?

there isnt just 1 zip code.. you need to know the mailing address and area..


tracy, zip code means postal code (ie: mail)

not phone area code... maybe you are too young and forgot that there are

still zip codes for mail.. everything is email these days.. lol

966 is the telephone country code (NOT the zip code)

a zip code is normally a 5 digit number at the end of your address

like for example:

Jane Doe

P.O. Box 56577

RIYADH 11564


or :

Mr. Abdullah Nasser

3909 Abdullhamid Alkatib ST, Azahrah Dist.

RIYADH 12987 - 7318


just examples of zip codes.. not real people..

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