4-H Week on October, 2022: H Week - Anyone know about 4-H?

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Anyone know about 4-H?

4-H is great! what i do in my group is, we get together frequently for meetings and discuss the parts of the saddle and parts of the horse, etc. (i know..boring). When the weather starts to get warmer, we have meetings about every week with the horses and we practice what we will be doing at the shows. It's GREAT! it's pretty much just free lessons!

it's a lot of fun because you get to prepare yourself and your horse for the week of the fair. its so much fun!

i hope this helps! good luck!


quetion about 4-H hippology ?

quetion about 4-H hippology ?

i did hippology a couple years ago in my 4-H. we had to study this packet for a couple weeks. in a way its kind of like exams for school. you study for weeks and then you go to a center with a whole bunch of other 4-H teams and take tests. when i went there were two, one was a multiple choice test and the other was a test with pictures. then volunteers grade the tests while members have presentations. finally the tests are given back with grades and awards are distributed.

keeping track of pig expenses for 4-H?

keeping track of pig expenses for 4-H?

First off, Good Luck!

Fun, Stressful, Exciting, Competitive all rolled into one!

Expenses: Include every penny you spend on the pig for 4-H.

Cost of the pig



Water Spicket

Food Trough/Bucket

Show cane/stick

4-H Whites & Greens

Showing tips:

Work with your pig EVERY day for AT LEAST an hour!

The more you work with it now, the easier it'll be in the show ring when they get out, tired and pushy!

Show sticks are easier to control than the big canes and in my experience are more efficient.

Always keep the pig in between you and the judge, NEVER get in between the pig and the judge, you'll be docked big time!

Try to keep your pig in front of the judge at all times with out letting your pig touch him. If the judge turns around he wants to see who has the most control over their pig and can get the pig in front of him first.

NEVER chase your pig in the show ring! If he takes off just follow in a calm steady pace

ALWAYS keep your eye on the judge and your pig at the same time, you can do this by having a low crouched stance, depending on the judge and whether he likes your pig he'll ask you to "pen your pig" he may say it or just point to you then the pen and you need to be looking at him when he does this.

If you and your pig get penned, it is a chance for a small break, you still need to keep your pig in between you and the judge while keeping an eye on the judge but you dont need to stress so much about it.

Fights between pigs will happen, don't get in between it, there will be "board men" in the ring to break them up just shout "board"

SMILE! while your in the show ring

When pigs bunch up in the ring near the gate (which is a sign you haven't been working with your pig enough) hang back a little until you can calmly get your pig out of the bunch

It's really about being calm and in control

A week before fair shave your pig, this will help your pig look leaner. Right before going in the ring ad baby oil or show sheen, this will also help your pig look lean.

Keep a damp rag, small spray bottle, and small brush in your back pockets so you can do a quick clean in the show ring if he gets pooped on.

Caring for your pig:

If you can afford it, tread mills work well at keeping your pig lean just be sure to not over work him.

Choose a high quality, high protein, low fat pig pellet. Do not feed him slop or kitchen garbage.

There are lots of pig show supplements, my last year I used one and got grand champion reserve.

Weigh him every 2-4 weeks he should be gaining 1-2lbs for every 3lbs of feed. This will help you determine how much to feed him, exercise him and supplements in order to be at ideal weight at the fair. Which I believe is about 240-250lbs.

At 260 they start becoming "over-finished" (fatty)

Choosing a pig:

Gilts (females) are generally leaner-looking than barrows (castrated males).

Barrows can look like they have a fat tummy and a dent in their hams from where they were castrated.

Buy from a reputable 4-H breeder, they will have higher quality pigs.

If possible have your leader recommend and/or go with you.

Long & Lean

Dimple Above the Tail

High Set Tail

Large hams that flow smoothly to the hocks

Dimpled-Line down the middle of the hams (butt)

Dimpled-Line down the spine of the back

Tight Jowells (Neck)

Shoulders & hips should be the same width

Very slightly arched back

Tight Stomach

This is a really nice pig:

This one has not been shaven like the one above so doesn't look as good:

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