Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day 2021 is on Wednesday, June 9, 2021: Does this child sound like she's being sexually abused?

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 is Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day 2021. Woman Abuse‎ Help Stop Gender Based Violence with International Justice Mission.

Does this child sound like she’s being sexually abused?

i work for CPS in my country although i am noot trained in behaviorial signs. however this does sound like a problem and something to worry about.i came across this site after reading your question. looks like sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse of Toddlers: Six Behavioral Signs to Look for in Your Child

Sexual assault against a toddler is unfathomable, but it can happen to your child. It happened to mine. My son was just two years old when he was sexually abused, and he was too young to tell me what happened. Not only did my son lack the communication skills, but he also didn't understand that the sexual abuse he endured was wrong and not a normal part of life. With my son, the behavioral indicators were present long before any physical signs of sexual abuse were apparent.

Sudden changes in behavior and personality may be the first indication of sexual abuse. If your out-going toddler suddenly becomes fearful or clingy, or your laid-back child starts acting recklessly, pay attention. Your toddler may have been sexually abused.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #1: Regression

Regression often occurs with children who have been sexually abused. My son went from being potty-trained to wetting his pants during the day. He suddenly needed a security item and began carrying around a blanket.

Thankfully my son didn't experience total regression from his sexual abuse. Other signs of regression include a decrease in verbal skills, thumb-sucking, and a decrease in independence.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #2: Fear, Both Specific and General

If your child suddenly becomes fearful, take note of what scares him. It could be general fear - things like not wanting to leave Mom's side or being afraid of the dark. These are the fears my son faced suddenly after being sexually abused. He did not want to be alone.

Specific fears may seem irrational, but they could provide clues as well. Fear of women with long, brown hair, for instance, may seem strange, but maybe a woman with long, brown hair is hurting your child. A fear of being left at daycare could be explained if your toddler is being sexually abused at her daycare.

If your child never had problems being scared before, a sexual abuse situation could trigger these fears now.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #3: Sexual Behavior

This is perhaps the biggest indicator of sexual abuse - an increased awareness of sexuality. Depending upon the child's age, some sexual behavior is normal. However, if your toddler suddenly seems over-sexed, it's time to figure out what's going on. Chances are he's being sexually abused.

Increased sexual behavior was my red flag that my son had been sexually abused. My toddler started masturbating and rubbing his private areas against bunched up blankets. He started touching women inappropriately, often trying to sneak his hand inside their shirts.

With sexual behaviors, the most important thing to observe is whether the behavior is practiced to the exclusion of other normal childhood activities. If your toddler, like my son, would rather hump a pillow than play with toys, then it's abnormal and should be taken very seriously.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #4: Repetitious Behavior

Repetitious behavior is an indicator of a stressor, including sexual abuse. Repeating a behavior brings back a sense of security for a child, especially if it garners the same result each time. If your toddler is repeating behavior, sexual or non-sexual, to the exclusion of normal childhood activities, there is something wrong.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #5: Aggression

If your laid-back child is suddenly very angry or aggressive toward other children, adults or animals, he may have been sexually abused. Toddlers aren't able to communicate what's wrong, so they become frustrated and moody. My son became very sullen and angry, and it was a puzzle to me until he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, stemming from the sexual abuse. A common symptom of PTSD is rage, regardless of the age of the patient.

Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicator #6: Change in Sleeping Habits

A change in sleeping habits may indicate sexual abuse. Sexual abuse to a toddler will completely shatter her independence, her sense of security, her innocence. Monsters have suddenly become very real. If your toddler has night terrors, an inability to sleep alone, cries hysterically when being tucked in, or she won't stay in her own bed, she may have been sexually abused.

Girls/women: What is it in particular that attracts you to horses and ponies?

Girls/women: What is it in particular that attracts you to horses and ponies?

I don't remember being particularly attracted to either. I guess it would be the idea of moving at fast speed and at the same time being in nature. It relates very much to the idea of freedom. The one time I tried to ride a horse, I failed awfully, because while it may appear like a lot of fun from the outside, if you are afraid of heights, like I am, you realize you might be a little too high up on a horse and you really don't have as much support as you imagine you would. You have to rely on the muscles in your legs to keep you in balance up there and it's difficult for someone who is attempting it the for the first time.

I'm not convinced by your motivation for this one, sorry: "boys like playing with action figurines and cars because of their spatial awareness." I used to play with dolls with my girl friends and with cars with my boy friends. I think I actually have horrible spatial awareness. Although I focus and perform very well when I am exercising or playing a physical game, in day-to-day life I pretty much bump into anything. Or maybe it's lack of attention.

Your statements omit a lot of games children play. In my circle of childhood friends, we also preferred outdoor games or if we were indoors we played with Lego or board games-chess especially was a popular game. We would organize competitions and have a lot of fun. For the most part, my childhood friends were boys.

I’m writing a paper about sexually abused girls who become pregnant teens. Any help?

I'm writing a paper about sexually abused girls who become pregnant teens. Any help?

The family or caregiver's home is a micro-stage of the world into which a young girl learns, through the 'players', what is to be expected outside in the real world. This is a place where the child/young woman gets aquainted with her role or part in the 'play' that will become her life.

A home is a classroom of sorts and every child learns through example. Everything from the correct number of times to brush her teeth in a day to the more complex 'rules' of behaviour around the opposite sex is learned at home first.

When a child is young, they automatically assume that the entire population surrounding them goes about their daily business in a similar manner and with the same set of ideals. This is why a young child can accept the most atrocious behavior as being 'normal' and thus acceptable. They have an awareness that not all details are exactly the same but they believe that the major activities and responsibilities carried out by their parents are executed in a similar manner. Another child down the street lives in a different house, wears different cloths and might have different interests in toys than her but the main events that take place in the day are naturally assumed to be the same. This makes an impressionable child very vulnerable. They do not have the experience nor the ability to decide that the sexual molestation that is occurring and perputrated by her father, uncle, brother is abnormal at first. This can set the stage for abuse that has no bounds.

Love is a learned behaviour and this relationship becomes part of the identity of what love is and how to recieve love. Men who molest their family members do so in a very discreet and what would seem a rather loving way. Therefore, through the passage of time, their is an equation that is formed in a young girl's mind that sexual contact is connected with the idea of acceptance, feeling needed and a bond made with the opposite sex. When a child grows older and becomes aware of the offence that has taken place, the damage has been done. Her corrupted ideas of love and their connection to a male and female's relationship becomes intricately imprinted in her psychie. She can separate the offender and the offence from herself but her ability to separate her distorted idea of what love is and a relationship shared by a male and female has become indelably imprinted in her mind. Without a conscious effort on her part, she will fall into this abnornal role in a relationship many times in her life. This would explain why young victims of molestation become young mothers. The increased number of times she experiences sex compared to a child of a more 'classic' family background explains the increased number of teenage pregnancies.

A molested child's sense of self-worth becomes connected to the attention that she recieves when she has sexual relations with men. It is natural to assume that if her father, brother or uncle required sexual attention and this was the exchange that constituted love than her need for such activities would be abnormally high compared to an unabused child. In many girls, it becomes the love/hate event in their life that causes a sense of well-being and a sense of disgust in themselves. It is a parallel that will torture them until they can identify the source of the pain and undergo the therapy necessary to break the cycle. Unfortunately, the awareness needed to stop the self abuse in these girls comes at a much older age. When a young girl is changing and trying to find the 'true' meaning of herself, the molestation is a cruel complication that often does not get sorted out until maturity settles in many sexual exploits have already occurred including unwanted pregnancies.

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