Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days on July, 2024: Conditioning Appreciation Days - Did you know that this month (July) is Air-conditioning Appreciation days (73 to 815)?

July, 2024 is Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days 2024. Air-Conditioning Appreciation Day (July 3-August 15) - Columbus ... Air Conditioning Appreciation

Did you know that this month (July) is Air-conditioning Appreciation days (7/3 to 8/15)?

No, but did YOU know that July is Ice Cream month? YUMMM!!!!

What should I include in my project about Las Vegas?

What should I include in my project about Las Vegas?

Here is one for the bellagio hotel

Itinerary can be something like this.

1-3 Days

Any trip to Las Vegas should include at least some time on the Las Vegas Strip. Gamble, shop, or site see - the choice is yours - but you should certainly take time to what all the fuss is about. One of the more iconic sites on the Strip includes the Bellagio Fountains. Timed to music and totally free, the fountains are worth viewing. You can also spend the afternoon shopping at the nearby Forum Shops at Caesars hotel. If you have time, be sure to see a show, as well. "The Blue Man Group" and "O" are two of the more popular, though there are a staggering number of shows playing every night of the week. Take time to eat out as well. Some of the best chefs in the world have restaurants on the Strip.

4-7 Days

With more time in Vegas, your suggested itineraries for Las Vegas can include a little more. Shop, dine, and gamble, but spend more time doing it. Also, you will have time to head downtown. Suggested itineraries for Las Vegas in the downtown area include the Fremont Street Experience. You can tour on your own on foot, or schedule a bus tour to ride along in an air-conditioned vehicle. Either way, you'll have a chance to see more neon lights than you will see again in your life, as well as shop and snack at the outdoor market.

Once you have made your way back to the Strip, you can spend an afternoon seeing the sites. The Eiffel Tower Tour, Stratosphere Thrill Rides, and the Siegfried and Roy Dolphin Habitat are all worth checking out.

7+ Days

With a week or more in Las Vegas, your Las Vegas itinerary can include all of the activities mentioned above, along with a whole lot more. For a break from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, schedule a bus or helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, or Lake Mead. Most of these tours will take an entire day, provide lunch for guests, and are fully worth the expense.

In addition to these active pursuits your Las Vegas itinerary can also include some thrill rides, museum appreciation, and more. The Atomic Testing Museum, The Luxor IMAX theatre, and the New York New York roller coaster are excellent places to start. You can catch a ride down the Strip on the monorail, or walk.

While there is certainly plenty to do in Las Vegas, there are some universal Las Vegas travel tips to help any tourist. Las Vegas travel tips for guests hoping to see a show in Vegas include looking for discounted tickets. Almost every show offers tickets at discounted rates- simply ask around at the hotel where the show is seen. In general, Las Vegas travel tips for budget travelers will include trying to avoid booking your vacation during a holiday season, as rates will be higher for just about everything during these times. Whichever Las Vegas suggested itinerary you choose, you will be sure to have no trouble filling your schedule in Las Vegas.

Do you consider music an academic pathway?

Do you consider music an academic pathway?

PE is not really academic, but it is important to get your body moving on a regular basis...something kids don't really do now because they're either sitting all day working on assignments or are glued to their computers/video games/phones/etc. A good PE program will expose students to many different sports, proper nutrition, weight management, and a feeling of physical empowerment.

I think music education is very important as well. A thorough education in music improves spatial thinking skills, fosters a strong sense of teamwork and camraderie, allows children to experience other cultures, encourages kids to conquer their fears/anxiety, demonstrates the benefits of hard work, emphasizes the importance of persistence, practice, and dedication, and studies have shown that musical education helps develop the areas of the brain that handle language and reasoning.

Also, studies have shown that students who play an instrument score better on standardized tests and generally have higher grades than students who do not play an instrument.

As I recall my PE classes a decade ago, we didn't do much aside from dress out in gym clothes and half-heartedly shoot baskets in the air-conditioned I'd have to say that if I had to choose one or the other, my vote would go to music education.

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