ALS Awareness Month on May, 2023: Months represents and the colors?

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May, 2023 is ALS Awareness Month 2023. ALS: A Cure is Coming - ALS TDI is leading the war on ALS‎ We need your support to win!

ALS Awareness Month. ALS

ALS Awareness Month is a campaign to spread awareness of and raise funds for research for a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Months represents and the colors?

I just listed the one's relating to very common dieases, and also by it's relevancy to your examples but there are more at my source. I hope this helps! :)

November - National Epilepsy Awareness Month (Purple)

Lung Cancer Awareness Month (Clear or Pearl)

National Novel Writing Month (Light Blue)

National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month (None)

December - Political Correctness Awareness Month (None)

Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month (None)

January - Birth Defects Prevention Month (Pink and Blue)

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (Teal)

February - African-American History Month (Red, Yellow, Green)

American Heart Month (Red)

Thyroid Disease Awareness Month (Light Blue)

March - Brain Injury Awareness Month (Green)

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (Blue)

Endometriosis Awareness Month (Yellow)

Women's History Month (None)

Greek-American Heritage Month (None)

Irish-American Heritage Month (None)

April - Alcohol Awareness Month (None)

Arab-American Heritage Month (None)

Autism Awareness Month (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Light Blue)

Cancer Control Month (None)

Child Abuse Prevention Month (Blue)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (Teal)

May - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (None)

Jewish American Heritage Month (None)

Brain Tumor Awareness Month (Grey)

June - AIDS Awareness Month (Red)

ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease Awareness Month (None)

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month (Rainbow)

July - Eye Injury Prevention Month (None)

French-American Heritage Month (None)

Group B Strep Awareness Month (Light Blue, White, Light Pink)

August - Amblyopia Awareness Month (None)

Cataract Awareness Month (None)

Immunization Awareness Month (None)

Psoriasis Awareness Month (None)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month (Light Gold)

When is self-injury awareness month and suicide awareness month?

When is self-injury awareness month and suicide awareness month?

I think that is one correct answer, but different organizations have their awareness months for SI or suicide in different months. Confusing, I know. But really, people should be aware of it al year round, and love on those affected all year round, not just during one designated month of the year, which is why I think it is so great that different organizations choose different months.

For Canadians: What does the blue flower worn by Members of Parliament signify?

For Canadians: What does the blue flower worn by Members of Parliament signify?

June is ALS Awareness Month. Blue cornflowers are distributed during June as a fund-raising and awareness campaign. This year, June 14th is the official day. Each June a statement is read in the House of Commons regarding ALS and the blue cornflower campaign.

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