American Business Women's Day 2024 is on Sunday, September 22, 2024: WWI & Spanish-American War?

Sunday, September 22, 2024 is American Business Women's Day 2024. Women Business Loans‎ Fast & Easy Process. Loans Up to $150k within Days. Bad Credit OK!

American Business Women's

American Business Women's Day is an American holiday, nationally recognized on September 22.

WWI & Spanish-American War?

7) Addition to the Monroe Doctrine asserting America's right to intervene in Latin American affairs

8) The sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana harbor on Feb. 15, 1898 with a loss of 260 men.

9) The Spanish-American War was part of a larger goal by the United States to expand its territory and influence abroad. Ending Spanish rule in Cuba was just a small part of the overall goals.

10) To cut travel time for US Naval ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

11) Upset the balance of power in Asia.

12) Both were socialist and wrote about reforming the US into a Socialist Society.

13) The Republican Majority party was split

14) Women's Suffrage among many other progressive social issues.

15) Germany's return to unrestricted submarine warfare

Why do American Jews vote mostly Democrat?

Why do American Jews vote mostly Democrat?

For a while now the Democratic party was the one for the underdogs, poor, lower classes, outsiders... for equal rights, women's rights, civil rights. And separation of church & state.

And literally the Republican party had more antisemitic people in it (there is still some according to inside reports I've heard from people who would know. Thought the hard left challenges that very well these days with it's attitude at Israel.)

I''m not saying it's that way still (on underclasses). But the that's been why. Now the Democratic party still supports more of the platforms that Jewish people tend to support:

- Separation of Church & state, no prayer in schools by demand, etc.

- Social programs to help the poor

- Women's right to choose (again a separation of church & state issue)

- Enivornmental programs

Judaism in general is about Tikkun Olam, repairing the world so a lot of Democratic ideals fall into that. Republicans have their own platforms for supporting the business class.

Israel is supported by BOTH parties.

Your asking mostly because of foreign policy. Most American jews think Democratic soft touch, less war (in theory) is better for the U.S. AND Israel.

Some American Jews think the Republican foreign policy is better. But then they have to put up with lack of separation of church & state, etc..... which is dangerous to Jews.

For a while both parties were moderate and you could go either way. Now it's hopeless no matter what. Neither party offers what American jews want. ... I'm not hearing happiness over Obama's foreign policy. Though some over his domestic policies. Even Jews who voted for Obama. People also weren't happy with Bush's war starting, & crony supporting prior policies. Even Jews who voted for Bush.

Edited to clarify better


You just lumped in secular Jews (non-followers) with reform jews (less observant) with hard left self-haters in U.S.. That's an occasional Orthodox view that comes from lack of knowledge of the non-observant commmunties. To you everything not you, looks the same, but it is far from that. (I've had this conversation with other Orthodox in YA and they have then checked and concluded what I'm saying.) So your theory is false when it comes to almost all non-observant jews. It has nothing to do with being self-hating or running away.

....That group is very small & we are as frustrated with them as you are -- and frightened - they look like they have stockholm syndrome from the Holocaust - and are trying hard to put down Judaism to "protect" themselves. I described the reasons above, that actual Reform & non-observant Jews are thinking & considering when voting democratic. I am Reform/Reconstructionist & I vote independently, used to mostly be democractic, but lately... I can't find much of anyone to vote for. If you check out my q&as you'll see my stance on'll be comfortable with it, not at all what you've described.

Do you believe that women’s rights ruined the American Family?

Do you believe that women's rights ruined the American Family?

No. I believe the sexist ideals of a group of men who wanted to keep women in their place ruined the American family, skirting around while their wives were slaving at home.

I also do not beleive in the gender role separation you are suggesting. I believe parents should be parents teaching their child how to be succesful kind and loving people, not dads teachings sons to be men and moms teaching daughters to be women.

I believe masculinity and femininity are seperate from biological sex, and either sex can be either masculine or feminine, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I dont understand your last line... hard to find a true family man because most are looking for their mommy. Seems to me thats what you think a wife should be... the family's mommy to all parties, including the adults. If the man cant share household chores, he isnt a real man. He is a sexist who expects a female to wait on him hand and foot. If he cant share the child rearing duties, he has no business being a parent to begin with. If he cant share the financial responsibilities of the family, then he needs to get over his god complex, because few families can surivive on a single income today.

When women took on more roles, they gae us more work... I personally am thankful I have a full and wide range of occupation choices instead of being fored into domestic care for the rest of my life.

Less respect from men? Only the sexist ones. My man seems to like the fact that I expect a more even playing field instead of being given every single cushion possible.

No time with our families? Only if you let it work that way. Take jobs where you can take your kids with you. Take jobs that allow you to work at home. On site child care. I mean, once they are school aged you arent seeing them during the day anyways.

Holidays also on this date Sunday, September 22, 2024...
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