American Cheese Month on October, 2023: American Cheese((HeLp))?

October, 2023 is American Cheese Month 2023. American Cheese Month Follow American Cheese Month

American Cheese((HeLp))?

I'm sure it is fine, if it's those processed american cheese slices, it is fine for sure!

Ever dare ask for American cheese in a foreign country?

Ever dare ask for American cheese in a foreign country?

American chees is so processed and yucky that no other nation would ever think about eating it. You can buy those "singles" that you put on your cheeseburger, but nobody really buys it.

We have a completely different relationship to food over in Europe. Since there are a lot of laws and guidelines that food makers & produce growers have to abide by, our foods are quite natural and thus tasty. It'll be very hard to even fing burgers on the menu of a restaurant, unless you go to an amercan steakhouse or the fast food joints.

I agree that Aussie Burgers are bad. My husband asked for a cheeseburger and the waitress just stared at him. So he drew it on a napkin: Bun, beef, cheese, bun. Guess what he got? Bun, beet root, cheese, bun!!!!!!

Is it a bad idea to give my 10 month old son Kraft American Cheese?

Is it a bad idea to give my 10 month old son Kraft American Cheese?

It probably won't hurt him, but you should give him something not processed as much, that doesn't have as much sodium, chemicals, and artificial color.

Try natural cheeses, instead of "processed cheese food", which is what Kraft American, Velveeta, and etc are.

It's not going to hurt him to give him a piece of Kraft every now and then, but try to stick to stuff not as processed.

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