American Made Matters Day 2024 is on Tuesday, November 19, 2024: What's the most American-made sedan these days?

Tuesday, November 19, 2024 is American Made Matters Day 2024. American Made Matters Day Guide to Great American Savings ... On this day, American Made

What’s the most American-made sedan these days?

Won't matter with a used vehicle, since the automaker has made its money from that sale already...but, if you did go the new car route, enjoy your Toyota Camry...made in Georgetown, KY.


CHICAGO, July 2 -- With the Fourth of July just around the corner, has announced the rankings in its annual American-Made Index, which ranks the most-American vehicles based on percentage (by cost) of their parts that are made domestically, where they're built and how popular they are among U.S. buyers. This year, the Toyota Camry shot to the top of the list, dethroning the five-time winner, the Ford F-150.

Do you try to buy American made products?

Do you try to buy American made products?

My husband and I only will buy American cars, I havent run into a problem of them not offering features that I want though. But especially with the car industry I believe its best to support American workers.

I am not sure on other products though, that I have seen things amde in the US, most everything is made in some Asian country it seems. However, if I ever found an item made in America and had the choice of buying it or a foreign product, it wouldnt matter the price I would buy the American version.

made in USA, made in china?

made in USA, made in china?

Clothing sold in the US, has to have a label on where it's made.

Can the company lie? Sure. But that would be illegal.

Do you really think American Apparel is a good company? Yeah...

- there founder has only been sued multiple times for sexual harassment and other wrong doings...

- they only had about 1800 employees pulled out of their LA facility for being illegal.

- on a completely business level they are also a horrible company - they started as a blank wholesaler (selling blank items that were then silk screened and sold under different labels), then they made it "big" and sell under their own name, in their own stores and compete with the companies who made them who they are.

Honestly, I would rather have my items made overseas by a company that valued humanity and quality than in downtown Los Angeles when they are just possers (i.e. American Apparel).

- But it doesn't matter since in the next 60 days American Apparel bankruptcy will be announced and it's doubtful they will have any re-organization opportunities since they have already had too many opportunities.

As a clothing line owner in the US, I think it is virtually impossible to have a complete garment made in the US. My items are sewn in the US, so they get a Made in the USA tag. There is no way for me to purchase US made fabric - it just doesn't exist.

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