APS Awareness Month on May, 2023: Can someone give me a method or tips for handling three or more AP classes?

May, 2023 is APS Awareness Month 2023. World APS Day - June 9, 2010 ~ APSFA as "APS Awareness Month.

Can someone give me a method or tips for handling three or more AP classes?

I learned this my junior year. I actually had to sit down and schedule everything in life month by month, because I was in 4 ap/honor's courses and I played football, wrote for the school newspaper, was in spanish and African Cultural Awareness club, threw shot put on the track team.

I actually took a calendar every month and schedule everything day by day all the way down to when I slept and time for comute to and from school and practice. This helped me stick to a schedule and to assure that I got everything done in a timely manner.

what is it like to be a poor family 10 points!?

what is it like to be a poor family 10 points!?

Well, I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or if I should praise you for at least trying to enlighten yourself.

For the last two years of high school, when everyone's taking APs, SATs, ACTs, and anything else that beings with an acronym, I was homeless. I also had a 4.23 GPA. However, none of my teachers knew of my situation and only the principal was privy for in case of emergency. I didn't tell any of my friends either -- not for shame, but for reason akin to yours, I didn't want to be pitied. My father (who was the reason I was able to stay focused in my studies and kept me at the same school even though our shelter was the next city over) encouraged me to seek a counselor or a close teacher, but I didn't want to for my own privacy. While I wasn't bullied, I had to hear all those damn homeless gibes that people make without a second thought. Not too many realize that 1 in 4 homeless people is a child, average age 9.

That said, I don't really wish to disclose much more of my personal life other than that even though I am now entering my third year at UCLA and my family still survives on a shoestring budget and we both live (it's just me and my dad) in constant awareness that any month our lives could collapse. Going to a university was a big step and the uncertainty if I could continue to afford the education plagues me with every tuition hike that comes.

Remember this: Poverty is, rarely -- if ever -- an option. Most people are poor because of personal circumstance. My father's background was architecture but due to a family illness he lost time from work and his skills atrophied at the critical moment when architecture when from requiring hand-drawn plans to computer ones. We were unable sustain our home.

Now before you run off and write a shallow story about a topic you have very superficial information on I recommend taking a social justice class or at the very least reading text (Paulo Freire, especially) and ABOVE ALL doing some community service. I don't mean go clean up a park BS, I mean like tutoring a homeless student. Schoolonwheels.org is based in Southern California where 290,000 children under 18 are homeless.

At this moment, not to slap you on the wrist or anything, you are inquiring for a selfish purpose. I think it would behoove you, as human being, to invest some personal time and interest into this heavy-handed topic first.

my menstration came on the 29 of february and came on the 31 of march what is my menstration cycle?

my menstration came on the 29 of february and came on the 31 of march what is my menstration cycle?

We can't tell you based on one cycle.

Your last cycle (between 29th February to 31st March) was 32 days - but to figure out your average menstrual cycle you'd need to figure out how many days for your last 6 cycles then divide by 6 to get an average - if you've had fewer cycles it's harder to determine the average, just assume it's roughly every 32 days until you can better determine your average cycle length.

Note: As long as your period comes within a week either way of that average it's considered normal, for example as long as your cycles are between 25-39 days that's considered average, a few days difference one month to the next is normal and it's also normal to be irregular if you're in your teens.

There are various aps on smartphones to help you track your periods, you can also use web sites like to keep track of your periods, keep track on a calendar or if you use something like fertility awareness method that's a lot more complex you can tell exactly what's happening in your body and when your period will start.

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