Barbecue Month on May, 2023: Barbecues?

May, 2023 is Barbecue Month 2023. Barbecue Of The Month - Join & Get 2 Bottles Each Month‎ Free Gift Announcement & Shipping

Barbecue Month

Barbecue Month (or Bbq Month) encourages you to benefit from the sunny weather and also to go outdoors and obtain cooking around the open grill.


Sadly not, its been none stop rain here and I've been itching to get a BBQ going for months. Have fun.

What month would be good time to throw an outdoor barbecue party?

What month would be good time to throw an outdoor barbecue party?

Truthfully you can have one just about any time. In the winter or cooler months you just have to make due with the weather. Make your guests comfortable with a fire pit,blankets and hot beverages. Of course the 'best' time of year to throw one is probably in early June or late September when the weather cooperates.

Every year our family has at least one bonfire in October. We have coffee,cider,chili,hot dogs. Everybody is bundled up in clothing and sitting with blankets around the huge fire pit my husband's grandad builds. Makes the cold bearable.

Disposable Barbecues?

Disposable Barbecues?

We bought a "disposable" hibachi at Walmart (a year ago) that came with a small bag of charcoal, and was no more than $15. It worked perfectly fine, until we got our big gas grill several months later! In fact, it's still useable, should we have the need:)

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