Be Kind To Humankind Week on August, 2024: would you kill yourself to save earthhumankind?

Be Kind To Humankind Week 2024. Be Kind to Humankind Week: How I Am Teaching My 7 Year Old Son ... Be Kind to Humankind Week: How

would you kill yourself to save earth/humankind?


What operating system do you use and why?

What operating system do you use and why?

0. *NIX - worth investing your time learning, because your skills will still be useful in a decade.

1. Mac OS X - because it is *nix underneath the lovely user interface, and

2. Ubuntu, in a Virtual box on my Mac (to test and run web scripts before deploying them) and on my virtually hosted webserver

[start of rant about Windows]

I have successfully avoided Windows since the last millenium, after it had wasted several years of my life rebooting, re-installing and troubleshooting Windows servers and desktops. I'm sure it has improved since then, but I have no wish to get on the Microsoft perpetual treadmill of expensive licenses, certifications, upgrades. I'm glad to see that Bill Gates has turned philanthropist to use his ill gotten gains for the betterment of humankind, so I've forgiven him the weekends spent in windowless (the real kind, not the OS) server rooms in foreign lands, surviving on pizza, snickers and coffee. Unix and Linux are so much more worth investing your time learning - the same skills I learned in 1990 are useful today. With Windows, you can throw away everything you learned more than 3 years ago, because it will be made intentionally obsolete to keep you spending your money on the next version, and the "professional" certification you need to get or keep a job fixing it.

[end of rant about Windows]

Do you get scared when...?

Do you get scared when...?

Dang!! It is that kind of male humankind that make women feel insecure.!!

Such perverted brats of doggy poo people should be kicked in the arse!!

Shame on em!

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