Better Hearing & Speech Month on May, 2023: does anyone here would like to do language&culture change?

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does anyone here would like to do language&culture change?

This is what you can do in order to improve your language skills (especially if English is not your native language):

Actually, broadening/improving one's language skills is a very broad concept, it should be done in more than one ways at the same time which is highly recommended. One can NOT become better ONLY in one area, say, speaking, one MUST improve skills in ALL dimensions of the language!

Learning language well requires being as active as possible and making the learning as FUN for oneself as possible. Taking lessons is always important, but equally important are these:

1) Listen/watch: Keep listening to internet radio stations like BBC, watch TV shows in English (use only subtitles, NOT voice dubbing in case you are not a native English speaker!), etc.

2) Write/communicate: Try to find discussion forums from the web about things that you find interesting and FUN (music/various artists, hobbies, etc.) and start communicating there with other people using only English. Start using instant messaging systems in case you find some new friends or start emailing them. Please do NOT be afraid of making mistakes or hesitating, because even native speakers do make mistakes and do hesitate at times! The more you enjoy communicating, the better!

3) Buy yourself a proper dictionary, and each time when you see a strange word that you do not understand, look it up. Putting words into their CONTEXT is one of the best ways to broaden one's vocabulary and grammar knowledge, the more you read and write the better. Memorising is NOT the best way to go with learning vocabulary, grammar or any other language areas! For idioms, you should buy an all-English dictionary which explains the words in English and shows you examples of how to use the words in their REAL context.

The main point in ANY language learning is to make it as fun as possible for yourself. Try to find topics that INTEREST you, read online newspapers (Times, Guardian, Independent...), listen to BBC/NBC and other radio stations online, if you find a discussion forum for e.g. your favourite hobby or your idols in music do participate there, etc. The key word here is CONTEXT, which means that it is easier to learn new words and their usage as well as grammar when you use/see them in their real CONTEXT. The more you see and hear the new words in their context and the more you use them in your speech & writing, the easier it becomes to remember their meanings and correct spelling. Do NOT be afraid of making mistakes though, because even native speakers do make mistakes and do hesitate at times!

I'm sorry there is NO EASY WAY out with this, one really must develop language skills in ALL these language "levels" or dimensions in order to reach better language skills!!

Last but not least: NEVER EVER use ANY online translators, they are nothing but utter rubbish!! English is practically EVERYWHERE in the online world these days, you just have to use your imagination to find it! Learning pace is always personal, it takes the time it takes so there is no reason to hurry it up too much. If you do, you will not learn so well. Also, please learn the basics of the standard English first before advancing to finer details like dialects/accents. A word of warning though: Do stay well away from overrated, overpriced and overhyped language "gimmicks" such as Rosetta Stone, they really are NOT worth for checking out! Also, never mind about your accent, as the main goal for you is that others understand you and you being able to understand other speakers.

Best of luck!

My mom’s cigarette smoking is getting out of hand?

My mom's cigarette smoking is getting out of hand?

Sorry to hear this. My Dad had a major heart attack at age 44 back in 88'. He was a smoker. He only had 1/4 of a heart left that didn't turn into scar tissue. He did pretty good until 97' another heart attack, the heart transplant one week later. Mostly from smoking- On transplant day, they take a chainsaw and cut your ribcage in half, take OUT your heart and replace it with another. If that wouldn't change her mind, I don't know what would. Not to mention all of the worry and hundreds and thousands of dollars for medicals bills, loosing our house to bankruptcy and numerous other things. The most important thing is that he survived & is doing good. Smoking is NOT worth it. Hope she quits a.s.a.p.!

A discipline question?

A discipline question?

You are an intelligent person.

Your teacher is correct. People who stay focused and work hard can rise to the top.

And people who just sit around and think that things will come to them or go their way are left disappointed and clueless.

All of us are whatever we choose to make ourselves.

Right now, you have intelligently chosen better ways to get what you need and want in life. Even now, your post seems to indicate that you are enjoying the success you want.

By taking care of your skin and teeth and practicing good hygiene, you avoid infections and decay. Your body remains healthy, your complexion is clear and your teeth last longer.

As far as your hair goes, many people with curly or frizzy hair help themselves in the following ways:

1) Using products such as hair dressings, gels and mousse to stop fizziness.

2) Getting a shorter haircut or one that eliminates the frizz for a fuller, healthier looking head of hair.

3) Trying the better chemical straightening products on the market.

4) Using a curling or straightening iron (sold at most drug stores and department stores).

Also, to help you pin point where you want to go and what you want to be, why not buy a notebook and start journaling? You can re-read it in a few weeks or months and see the progress you have made.

I wish you all the best.

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