Birthmother's Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Mother's Day or Birthmother's Day?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is Birthmother's Day 2021. Birth Mother's Day for Birth Mother's Day and

Mother’s Day or Birthmother’s Day?

Hi Snow flake,

Aside from the point that Hallmark thinks they need another holiday to sell cards, I don't understand why natural mothers would need 2 days to celebrate their status. Do adoptive mothers need 2 days? Oh yeah - they have "Gotcha day" as well.

Is "Birthmother Day" really something that natural mothers WANT to celebrate? And if it is, why is there not a corresponding day for fathers to celebrate the day that they, too, relinquished their rights to raise their children? After all, there is a separate Father's day for biological fathers. I think one day each, for both Mothers & Fathers of ALL types is really all that is needed.

Yes Snow flake, very strange indeed. My hunch is that by making a separate day and calling it Birthmother Day, it is yet one more way to not acknowledge that they ARE, in fact, MOTHERS. Just because their children are not there with them on a day-to-day basis does not take that fact away. My guess would be that anyone who would generally be in favor of telling women that giving away their babies is a normal, loving, unselfish thing to do would probably also be in favor of giving them Birthmothers Day cards to remind them of that. Would be interesting to know if they would they also send those women cards on Mother's Day?

Good question.

julie j

reunited adoptee

May 2: "Birthmother’s Day?"?

May 2: "Birthmother's Day?"?

Odd, when my first mum was still alive, I managed quite well to fit in seeing both of my mums for mothers day, and I see no reason to make any distinction between my first mum and my amum, I love them both and they were both equally my mum..........sorry this one leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth.......

Does "Birthmother’s Day" offend you? (As a birth/first/bio mother)?

Does "Birthmother's Day" offend you? (As a birth/first/bio mother)?

Yes because I am NOT a birthmother. I am a mother the same as any other mother regardless of how anyone else sees it. Nature dictated that, not man and a flimsy piece of paper cannot take away 34 weeks of nurturing, love and care I had for MY child.... even if some stupid man made the wrong decision for her.

So yes, it offends me but thankfully it is only an American thing and I can celebrate Mothers Day on Mothers Day!

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