Black Poetry Day 2021 is on Sunday, October 17, 2021: i need some black poetry.preferably about missing someonefrom you or a good website?

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Sunday, October 17, 2021 is Black Poetry Day 2021. Celebrate Black Poetry Day celebrate Black Poetry Day

i need some black poetry...preferably about missing someone....from you or a good website?

What constitutes black poetry??? Well how can you not like Maya Angelou???

At the End of the Day

Darkness may fall, murmuring softly

Or crash like a bolt from the blue

But I’m living in grace

If night finds me in a place

Where I’m still loving life

And loving you.

My dreams of the morning may shatter

My best plans of noon may fall through

Still frustration never binds me

If every evening finds me

Still loving life and loving you.

-by Maya Angelou, 1995

If I dress in all black, are people gonna assume I am gothic?

If I dress in all black, are people gonna assume I am gothic?

Johnny Cash rocked in black and stuff what others think, lol I once wore some terribly huge black silver sparkly jersey to school for mufti day when it was warm and people were more concerned that I was going to cook.

I don't have the jersey anymore since it got a huge hole in it sadly.

I have been through the whole so-called goth thing with dying my hair black etc and I still write morbid poetry haha and unfortunately short black hair does not suit my complexion, not sure if long black hair would ethier.

I make a reasonable redhead though lol.

Btw Siouxsie Sioux rocked with the goth/punk and Robert Smith from The Cure still does eventhough he's older.

What is the origin of black solidarity day?

What is the origin of black solidarity day?


Black Solidarity Day (an African American holiday) was founded in 1969 (1971, as one source states, is incorrect) in Brooklyn, by Dr. Carlos E Russell. As a concept, it derives from the play, 'Day of Absence' by Douglas Turner Ward. The day is based on the extreme social, political, and economic consequences that would ensue if all Black people were to disappear for one day.


a) Staying at home, not using public transport, not buying anything at a store, chanting and beating drums in burial grounds.

b) Wearing of black clothes, and display of black and silver ribbons.

c) Authorised absence from classes and examinations.

d) Dance tuition and eating soul food

e) Singing of the national black anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing", holding lighted candles, giving speeches

f) film screening, discussions, lectures, performances (recreation of the Cotton Club with live music, dancing, poetry and other readings), marches, candlelight vigils.

g) Black Entrepreneurs Vendor's Market

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