Books For Treats Day 2021 is on Sunday, October 31, 2021: General Comic books questions?

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Sunday, October 31, 2021 is Books For Treats Day 2021. The Woman Today Recipes [Mother's Day Special Books & Treats] Mother's Day Books & Treats

General Comic books questions?

Back in the day comics use to be sold like everywhere. Nowadays you have to go to a comic shop to find them. Google "the master list" to find a list of store locations.

1. Best books right now are Detective Comics (Batman), Uncanny X-Force, The Walking Dead, and Invincible (well the ones I'm reading anyways). But please don't avoid the old stuff. Almost all of the best stories in comics are from before 1990, not to say comics are bad now. It's just the greats happen to be older.

2. I love my hobby, but to say it's cheap would be a lie. There's two ways you can go about buying comics. The first way is single issues. These come out monthly, sometimes bimonthly. Most are 2.99. However, Marvel sells most of their books for 3.99. The second option is to buy the trade paperbacks. These collect about 6 issues at a price of 10 to 20 bucks. Definitely the more cost effective option.

3. This depends again on the purchasing route you choose. Trade paperbacks can be put on a bookshelf like any other book. They're durable, so no worries. Single issues take more work. You want comic bags and acid free backing boards. The local comic shop will almost certainly sell them. If not you can get them online. The brand I use is BCW. You take the board and the book on top of it and you slide into the bag. Seal the bag with tape (some bags have sealing strips). You shouldn't leave them lying down though as it can over time damage the spine. So you'll want a box to stack them in. Comic boxes are like 5 bucks. Short hold about 150, longs about 300. Again your comic shop will probably have them. If you're just a casual reader, this extra work and investment definitely makes trades the better option.

4. Again look up The Master List on google. That site will have a list of comic shops. Or you could just run a google search of "your city comic shop" and it will turn up whatever's closest. If you don't have one nearby, which is unlikely, you can subscribe directly to the publishers (if you want single issues) or just buy the trades on amazon when they come out.

wondering if the BV online book is worth it.?

wondering if the BV online book is worth it.?

Hi Katina,

Although this has nothing to do with the book (I am sorry no patient has told me about this book, nor have I seen it anything regarding its content nor usefulness). As you are probably aware of BV accounts for up to 50% of all vaginitis followed by Vaginal Candidiasis (VC) which accounts for up to 25% of all infections. It is a good idea to treat simultaneously, especially if you have recurrent infections. This is especially true for BV for its high recurrence rate of up to 20-40% after 1 month.

So my question is if in these last 3 years if you have been battling recurrent infections or simply getting infected again. Recurrent infections are the case when you cure yourself of the infection and within a short period of time the symptoms are back, if more then 3 months since being cured its a new infection. Another question is whether or not you take your medications as instructed by the physician (7-10 days). I myself like to treat this problem very aggressively due to such high recurrence rates and as I can imagine the fact that it is uncomfortable both socially and physically. I will tell you how I treat my patients. I myself like to treat my patients as if they had BV, VC and trichomoniasis infections and typical use for a single patient the following regimen:

Butoconazole 2% cream 5g sustained release intravaginally first night with 2g metronidazole (just in case they have trichomoniasis vaginalis (TV) which accounts for up to 20% of all cases) and fluconazole 150mg single dose. The following night the patient continues with Clindamycin ovules 100mg intravaginally for 3 days and Metronidazole 500mg twice a day for 6 days. She continues to use 0.5% metronidazole twice a week for a minimum of 6 months if not longer (up to 8 months).

If you have chaffed irritated skin, I suggest Boric acid (Borofax). Your physician can give you 600mg gelatin capsule intravaginally once a day and then every other day 1 week after resolution followed by twice a week for 6 months. This can be used in conjunction with metronidazole gel 0.5% as another method to stop recurrence. This is extremely rare to use and in this case you should be reviewed for some other conditions. It simply is not normal to have such a difficult disease to treat and thus you should get a complete panel to review for any other serious conditions that might account for such a long course of infection. In addition your partner should be considered for treatment (ALWAYS if trichomoniasis) if chronic or recurrent infections occur. In addition yeast culture, bacterial culture, glucose intolerance test (to see if you have insulin resistance or even diabetes), and HIV test should be offered in case of recurrent or resistant cases.

Butoconazole and Fluconazole treat VC. Since I treat the BV with antibiotics it is very common to then get a yeast infection (VC).

Douches may in fact be one of the reasons for the problem in the first place. However a good cleaning is required with simple soap/water (careful not to irritate the region) during a shower etc. During the early parts of the infection it is a good idea to wash the region with soap/water in the morning and night and simply wash lightly with water during the rest of the day perhaps 1 or if you really need to (heavy vaginal discharge) twice but ONLY WITH WATER during these other times and gently (no inserting water into the vaginal canal). Regular vaginal douching changes the delicate chemical balance of the vagina and can make a woman more susceptible to infections. Douching can introduce new bacteria into the vagina which can spread up through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. Although not extensively studied, safe sexual practices may play a role in decreasing BV, VC and trichomoniasis. Tampon use does not seem to be associated with vaginitis. Also keep in mind that wearing tight fitting or non-cotton underwear leads more to yeast infections (VC) then BV due to increased temperature, moisture, and local irritation.

Just for extra informaton, in 2009 one Cochrane review did not find pro-biotic useful in the treatment BV. However according to a few studies (see reference numbered 4, 5 and 6) a small number of clinical studies suggests that eating yogurt with L. acidophilus cultures may help especially when taking antibiotics and for the recurrence of both bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidiasis.

I suggest that you go back to your physician (find another one if he/she has not solved the situation yet) and get properly treated. I really hope this helped you out, I wish I could offer some kind of book however I am not aware of any.


Dan M.D.

Anyone else find it hard to get rid of books?

Anyone else find it hard to get rid of books?

I've loved books and have loved to read ever since I was a child. Never owned but two books as a child, one of them was, Grimms' Fifty Fairytales and I read that book over and over.

I started collecting old books when I was 18 years old, mostly children's books, I loved them so much and it was neat seeing how much books have changed over the years. Back then the paper was much thicker, and they would have one or two blank pages in the front of the book and the back. I loved the pictures also. The story contents were neat even though I did not read them just skimmed thru. The teenage books meant for 16 years olds back in the early 1900's, would no more interest even a 10 year old today. I also collected old educational books with most going back before 1900. They are neat to go thru also, but the greatest are old etiquette books on manners or how to clean your house, and then I have one from 1890 that is on marriage which is really fun reading how a husband is suppose to treat his wife or how a wife is to treat her husband.

I moved around a lot in my younger years and my brothers hated moving me because of my books. One time I thought I would make it easier on them, so I put all the books in one huge box. Yes, I smoked other stuff than just cigarettes back then!

Being an avid reader also, I would have many regualr books bought new or from garage sales.

However, I continued to buy books just because I love how books look in a home. To me, a room that has books looks warm and homey. I always dreamed of having a room as a library one day.

Unfortuantely, thanks to eBay, I now have at least 1500 books and my husband and I were divorced, sold our home of ten years (had one full wall with built in bookshelves) and my books are still in boxes 8 months later.

Now I need to try and sell on eBay. What I had bought were huge boxes of books (postage was fun) and then I spent a great deal bidding on old books that I fell in love with and couldn't resist (no wonder my husband divorced me! LOL).

Those old ones I may hang on for awhile, but one day they need to be sold also. However, I finally found my Grimm's Fairytale books on eBay. Still looking for the exact copy I had but I like the ones I have, along with the Bobbsey Twins!

As for kind of feeling like your smarter having the books, I can understand that, my books made my husband feel smart when we first married and I once heard him bragging to someone they were all his and he reads a lot. I never saw him read anything in our 12 year marriage, except for the sports pages in the newspapers.

However, years ago I had that feeling about if I only had this, I would look smarter or be smarter and then when I got it nothing changed inside me as far as those feelings were concerned. I had to change the feelings and they did come of course from insecurities I had about myself.

Hang onto the books if you enjoy them, but don't hide behind them, stand tall and firm in who you are, because in God's sight you are perfect, He would just like to help put our heart back to His original design that all the yuckies and hardships in the world have caused us to change in ways that are not the best. Our hearts become harder, we become more insecure trying to be like others, when in fact they are feeling just as insecure.

The fact that you were able to recognize that weakness and yet have the strength to own it on this forum whether people know who you really are or not, says a lot about you. I think you are going to have a wonderful life with your honesty and willingness to see the truth inside you.

Just make sure when you move, you don't put all the books in one big box. Oh, wait a minute, you don't need that advice, too much intelligence came out of your question, I don't think anyone in this world could ever do anything that stupid, especially if they were about 23 years old!!!

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