Brain Tumor Awareness Month on May, 2023: Why isn't there a prostate cancer awareness month? Or a lungbrain cancer awareness month?

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May, 2023 is Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2023. Brain Tumors‎ Targeting Brain Tumors With Our Advanced Treatments & Technology.

Why isn’t there a prostate cancer awareness month? Or a lung/brain cancer awareness month?

You are my new best though.

I too wonder why awareness is not raised for all types of cancer, regardless of where they originate. I don't wish harm to anyone either, but the last time Iooked, you needed your brain to live, but you could live without your breasts (my m-i-l, mother and others have had it and lived a wonderful life after their mastectomies).

I have brain cancer and yet all I ever hear about is how this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so gee, in Philly, let's turn all the lights in buildings downtown PINK at night, not to mention all 3 bridges. The Eagles are wearing pink during their games (football players wearing pink is a sight).

Where's the grey for Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer? Where are all the other colors? Why aren't they being shown? Because no one else can get theirs noticed because of all the press about Breast Cancer, that's why.

Colors of cancer awareness for each month?

Colors of cancer awareness for each month?

Not sure what you mean by colors of cancer awareness . . lol . . but if you are referring to the ribbon color used for some types of cancer and the National Health Observants by month . . here goes:

January - National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (Teal ribbon)

January - unofficial Thyroid cancer (Blue/Pink/Teal ribbon)

February - National Cancer Prevention Month

February 4 - World Cancer Day

March -National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (Blue or Brown ribbon)

March - Kidney Cancer Awareness Month (orange ribbon)

April - National Cancer Control Month - American Cancer Society

April 4-10 - National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

April 18-24 - National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

April 12-18 - Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

May - Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month (black ribbon)

May - National Neurofibromatosis Month

May 3-9 - Brain Tumor Action Week

June -National Cancer Survivors Day

June - Men's Health & Cancer Awareness Month (Purple ribbon)

June 6 - National Cancer Survivors Day

July - Sarcoma Awareness month (yellow ribbon)

August - nothing official

September - Childhood Cancer Month (yellow or gold ribbon)

September - Blood Cancer Awareness Month (orange ribbon)

September - National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month; (teal ribbon)

September - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; (Light blue ribbon)

September - Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (peach ribbon)

September - Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month (Blue/Pink/Teal ribbon)

Sept 26 - National Mesothelioma Awareness Day

October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (pink ribbon)

Oct 13 - Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

November - Lung Cancer Awareness Month; (white or clear ribbon)

November - Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month (purple ribbon)

November - National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month (periwinkle ribbon)

November 14 - Brain Tumor Awareness Day (gray ribbon)

December - nothing official

I think my mum has a brain tumour?

I think my mum has a brain tumour?

Sounds like maybe epilepsy. If she had a brain tumor 6 years ago, she would be dead by now, esp if her seizures started that long ago.

In no fashion does it resemble a stroke Aria....

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