Camping Month on June, 2023: going camping for 2 months?

June, 2023 is Camping Month 2023. Pennsylvania Campgrounds - Two great PA camping resorts‎ Kids love our fun zone

Camping Month

June is Camping Month, and time to stockpile on marshmallows! Pack the tent or stock the campers, and head out into the countryside. Escape workdesks, television and the web for a couple of days and experience the peace of camping out in the open world.

going camping for 2 months?

As a camp counselor you will be:

Be enthusiastic and willing to be fully involved in the camp experience. Remember, you will not only be around children, but will also be living the camp experience with them; let them know you enjoy it and are glad to be sharing it with them!

Create a positive, safe and supportive environment for all campers. Campers are the reason you are at camp and it is important that you focus on the campers' needs and provide patience, support, guidance and encouragement at all times.

Enjoy working in an out-door-setting.

Act as an appropriate role model for children through your actions, language, work habits and general conduct. Camp may be fun and exciting, but it is also a real job, and as such you are expected to act in a professional manner.

Abide by the camp policies, procedures and guidelines.

Be a team player! Everyone at camp is important and camp cannot be successful unless everyone is working together. Focus on building positive communities at camp and you must set this example for the campers at all times.

Have experience working with children and/or skills related to a specific position.

What to bring:

I'm sure that they will give you a packing list, bring what is on that list. If the camp does not give you a packing list, ask for one. If you have any questions about the list, call them and ask. Remeber all your clothes need to be campy, your campers will look up to you and if you are wearing a little bikini, your girls will go home and buy the same bikini.

Being a good role model:

Just like how your campers want to dress just like you, they will also do everything that you do (major monkey see, monkey do). They will start to talk like you and act like you. If you have fun, they will have fun but if you sit around saying how lame swim time is, they will sit around saying how lame swim time is. Fallow the rules so they will fallow the rules. The best example of this I can think of is when I was like 11 or 12, I had a counselor that would everyday remind us of the rule that we are not alowed to run on the paved road in front of the dining hall but then everyday we would see her running on the paved road in frount of the dining hall. Needless to say, we also ran on the paved road in front of the dining hall.

Don't be afaid to be silly:

It will start during staff training and will contiue all summer. If you don't want to be silly, its not going to be fun. At camp you play games and sing songs, and that is just how it goes. Your camp might make you have a camp name so all summer you go by "Bubbles" or "Scooby". Just remember that camp isn't home and no one from home is going to see you leading a repeat song or dressing up like a tie died moose for a skit.

Hope that helped and have a great summer!

camping? 3 month old baby?

camping? 3 month old baby?

My husband and I took our daughter camping for 3 days when she was 1 1/2 months old. She loved it! It's just one of those things though. Your baby may like it or not. Only one way to find out. Try to find a shady area to camp in. We had bought a huge 2 bedroom tent with a screened in front porch. We opened the 2 rooms to make 1 big one and I was able to fit her bassinet in the room with us. I was also able to fit all the coolers and her swing in the porch area. If you have a camper it may be easier but could get stuffy.

Camping with a 18 month old?

Camping with a 18 month old?

Camping out is a wonderful way of spending family time. It is also a healthy change of scenery for the little ones. Our family has never thought that kids were too young to go camping, we have just had to have things with us that were appropriate to their ages and activity levels.

We live in Florida where there all sorts of things to do and see so we started our grandchildren in harnesses as soon as they were walking and got umbrella strollers for when they got tired. It ended up being great later on.

It made camping so simple. They had play pens before they walked and then we moved into the harness and stroller mode. Many camping areas have surfaces and paths that can accommodate the lightweight strollers.

But, until they got really heavy, the backpack seat was also useful. The main thing was to have enough things for them to do with their short attention spans. Physical things like walking, climbing and running is good because it wears them out--in a good way. A good nap time and more physical activity gets them tired enough for bedtime.

So, take toys with you that involve activity like collapsible mini basketball hoop and ball, a tyke's mini trampoline, bean bag toss game, arm swimmies in case you go in the water or an inflatable swim seat, small size life vest so that you can go fishing, canoeing or boating--a good hat so that you don't have to worry about a little face getting sunburned, building blocks or that sort of toy so that it's different every time they play with it, and some music that is familiar, or video that is soothing. Don't forget the favorite snuggley friend and blanky, either. If you are reading to your little one, bring favorite books, or buy some new ones as part of the trip experience.

Favorite or familiar things like their own bath towel from home or pillow, or even a special wash cloth and soap are also good to bring along. Keep things interesting so that they don't have to much down time, because they are so active at 18 months. It will be a fine balance between being tired and overtired but don't put your baby in a position to be overwhelmed and all will be well.

You will have so much fun seeing him reacting to his surroundings and having new experiences--and he will be so enriched. Go, have a good time--and then do it again next year!!

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