Cancer Survivors Day 2023 is on Thursday, June 1, 2023: cancer survivors

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 is Cancer Survivors Day 2023. Cancer survivors day Find Information and Support for Dealing with and Surviving Cancer

Cancer Survivors Day

This very day is definitely an annual celebration of Existence. This really is to boost understanding of Cancer Children – Within the U.S. alone you will find over 11 million children, and also to raise funds for Cancer Research Non profit organizations.

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I am a new cancer survivor, you could say. I had some symptoms for about a year, but no pain. The last week of normalcy, I thought I was getting a "bug." I took cold & flu meds. I took headache meds. the day before, I had a migraine. It only last a few hours, which is odd for a migraine. Afterwards, I went to work. My boss fussed at me for coming to work sick and told me not to come back till I felt better. I went to work the next day and told him I wasn't 100%, but was feeling better. I think I said some strange stuff to my customers, by the way they looked at me. I made a coworker take me outside. I told her someting was happening. I then had a seizure and the emts asked me what drugs I was taking! I couldn't answer. I was dx with a brain tumor on aug 29. My surgery was sept 1. I am currently undergoing chemo and radiation treatments...with only 6 more to go out of the 30. Will it grow back? Probably, and I'll do this all over again if I have to. You're not "cured," though it can be in remission.

Looking for cancer survivors?

Looking for cancer survivors?

hey i am a cancer survivor. i am so happy for you. congratulations!

here is my story i am 17 now and when i was in grade school i was diagnosed with migraines. when i had headaches(which was quite often) i took childrens Motrin. when i started throwing up constantly the doctor said i was taking too much Motrin so i stopped taking it. on the first day of sixth grade i had to come home from school because i had a headache. my mother thought i was faking and thought i didn't want to go to school so instead of going home she said we would go to the doctor. the doctor was going to put me on a new medication but since i was so small they needed to do an MRI first. we went to the hospital and after they did the MRI (several times to make sure it was not a mistake) they immediately admitted me. the next day they put a shunt in and the tumor expanded 20% that night so they had to revise it it expanded again and they revised again. they said that the tumor was the size of a tangerine. one doctor wanted to do surgery and even told my mother that they were going to but another would not let him. to this day i believe he saved my life. the doctors wanted me to have 6 round of chemo but i only had 2 because my white counted dropped and they could not get it back up i also had 2 months of radiation everyday. i am now an official survivor as of last April

How much protein per day for kidney cancer survivor?

How much protein per day for kidney cancer survivor?

It is better to avoid High protien foods specially for Kidney cancer survivors. A moderate amount of protien can be taken say daily about 20 grams.

You are encouraged to eat foods that provide optimal nutritional benefit. A registered dietitian consults with you to develop an individualized meal plan. Selections include fish, poultry, legumes, low-fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals, and other healthy food choices.

Vitamin and mineral supplements help provide nutrients that your diet may not, and offer a boost where illness may have depleted your body. The CTCA supplementation plan includes nutrients that may support your immune system and may reduce toxic side effects. A physician will recommend daily dosages of various nutrients, including:

-Beta carotene


-Vitamin C

-Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

-Vitamin E

-Others as appropriate

The Oncologist who is treating may be consulted so that he can tell the exact food values and restriction as he will know the full condition of the patient and give or suggest correct amount of protien and others.-

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