Car Care Month on April, 2023: Car care question?

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Car care question?

YOU HAVE TO WAX YOUR CAR! BY HAND! dont trust the drive through car washes to wax your vehicle.

If your car has been sitting out side at ALL and you haven't waxed it at least once a month, then your paint is going to start to get discolored. The same thing happened to my friends car. He didn't wax it and he now has a lot of sunspots and spots on his car where the paint and clearcoat have actually BURNED off the hood and trunk of the car. Start waxing your car and it should DEFINITELY protect your paint and clear coat.

And dont listen to "Chris" above me...he doesn't know what he's talkin about...Ford will charge you to get a new paint job, they aren't just going to up and give you a free paint job on something that isn't their fault entirely.

Good Luck sir! Keep on Waxin'!

someone help care problems?

someone help care problems?

ur totally normal. especially only having it for.three months. you ll get over it once u ve had it for longer. there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with a clean car its a hobby for.guys and u should be proud that u take pride in how ur car looks. I clean my car once a week and can't stand anything on my windshield. its all personal prefference brotha. be proud of ur nice ride and don't be one of those people who let the dirt soak into their paint.

use a shammy to.dry the car and use touchless car washes whenever possible. wax ur car every couple months. all of this will keep ur paint from fading and scratching.

not using car for 2 months - what care should I take?

not using car for 2 months - what care should I take?

your car will be fine. nothing will be wrong with the vehicle motor transmission or anything like that from it just sitting. now you might have to have a jump or need a new battery by the time you get back. or you could by a trickle charger which keeps the battery charged while your away but you need a plug near the car to plug it in. or you could just disconnect the battery.

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