Carnival Season on January, 2024: what is trini carnival?

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what is trini carnival?

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is the event of the year. It is said that if the islanders are not celebrating it then they are preparing for it while reminiscing about the past year's festival. The heart of the musical celebration is the calypso. Recently, Soca has replaced Calypso as the most mainstream type of music

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago originally had its roots in West African festivals, facilitated by conservative French aristocracy's carnival celebrations where masks were donned and social visits ensued. When the use of drums and religious practices had been outlawed, the slaves (and then former slaves) found novel ways to pass on their heritage. Carnival then grew with African influences from the slaves who added singing, dancing, and music as well as exuberance to Carnival to transform it into what we see today. Carnival is celebrated two days before Ash Wednesday in the season of Lent. In the earliest times, similar celebrations were held at the end of crops being harvested (hence the Crop Over celebrations in some other Caribbean islands). However, as these became more oppressed, the only permissible time was when the aristocracy was engaged in their own merriment and debauchery - the pre-lenten festival tied to the Roman Catholic idea of carne vale (farewell to the flesh

Musical competitions make up a large part of Carnival and to win a competition is highly coveted. For example, to be named Calypso Monarch is one of the island's greatest honors, and the competition is aired on television. Along with the honor comes an enormous trophy, a car, TT $500,000 (approx. US $78,600) and possible endorsements and other contracts. Other prestigious titles are Soca Monarch, Road March and Panorama Champions - for which the 2007 prize is TT $1. million (US $157,230.). The instruments used are the drums, claves, and the steelpan, which is a drum that has been hammered down in different areas which create different notes. A group of performers practice weeks in advance on these drums in order to compete and hopefully bring home the top honor. Trinidad and Tobago is very multicultural (African, Asian (south and east), European) and all these groups have combined their musical influences to that of Carnival. Spanish influences are also reflected by the immigrants from Venezuela. These cultures and contributions render a sound vastly different from Carnival in Spain, Venice, or even in New Orleans, where Mardi Gras is celebrated. No other country has celebrated Carnival longer or with more enthusiasm from as early as 1627[Trinidad and Tobago]

As with other Carnivals, many participants wear elaborate costumes, often decorated with feathers and sequins. Carnival "bands" are organized groups made up of participants who pay for costumes fashioned by a designer and assembled by teams of volunteers. The costumed participants dance through the streets to the sounds of a steel band, a soca band or a d.j. - this is called "playing mas'". A unique feature of this parade is that locals and tourists alike participate in the parade of bands. Each band is led by a King and Queen, which are extremely large costumes, often requiring extensions and wheels to assist the masquerader to carry it through the streets. A competition is held every year on Dimanche Gras (Carnival Sunday) to award the King and Queen of Carnival title to two of these masqueraders. On the following days, Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the bands themselves are in competition to win the Band of the Year title. Small monetary prizes are associated with these titles, though they do not cover the full amount of production of the band or the King or Queen. Participation occurs at all levels of society - as said by 3 time calypso monarch David Rudder "from bourgeois to grassroots". Children participate from as early as parents can get them into costume, sometime even strollers are decorated. Children can extend their fun by participating in smaller "Kiddies Carnival" shows, competitions and parades as early as 4 weeks before the culmination of the festival and for many weeks ahead several preliminary rounds of competitions, parties or fetes as they're known, take place. Carnival is a part of the national curriculum and several programs take place at schools across the country. Regional authorities handle smaller carnival celebrations in smaller towns and villages. Whether you're into the revellry, wearing a costume and dancing in the streets, partying non-stop, photography, appreciating amazing arrangements of the season's calypsos for steelpan, or simply want to enjoy the family reunion type celebration, carnival has something for everyone.

Band leaders and designers begin working on their presentations months in advance and usually hold a launch party 3-5 months before Carnival to showcase their costumes. Costumes are available for purchase at the mas camp, and some camps offer costumes for sale online as well.

Some popular Carnival bands include:

Poison (disbanded into several bands including the all-inclusive Pulse 8 and Dream Team)

Legends (disbanded into 2 separate bands: Legacy and Genesis)




Peter Minshall's Callaloo Company

Island People

Trini Revellers

A few specific characters have evolved during the history of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival. Among these characters are:

Pierrot Grenade - he gives speeches on issues of the day, all in rhyme

Minstrels - black musicians acting as wandering minstrels, wearing white facepaint

Midnight Robber - his grandiose bragging is known as "robber talk," a style which evolved from African Griot storytellers

Jab Jab - The name of this mas is derived from the French patois for 'Diable Diable". It is pretty devil mas. The costume consists of a Kandal or satin knickers, and satin shirt with points of cloth at the waist, from which bells hang. On the chest, there is a shaped cloth panel which is decorated with swansdown, rhinestones and mirrors. Stockings and alpagatas are worn on the feet, while the headress consists of a hood with stuffed cloth horns. The costume can come in alternating colours and be divided into front and back panels. The Jab Jab has a thick whip of plaited hemp which he swings and cracks threateningly. These whips can reduce the costumes of other Jab Jabs to threads.It is not to be confused with Jab Molassie.

JAB MOLASSIE Jab is the French patois for 'Diable' (Devil), and Molassie is the French patois for Mélasse (Molasses). The Jab Molassie is one of several varieties of devil mas played in Trinidad and Tobago carnival. The costume consists of short pants or pants cut off at the knee, and a mask and horns. The jab malassie would carry chains, and wear locks and keys around his waist, and carry a pitch fork. He may smear his body with grease, tar, mud or coloured dyes (red, green or blue). The jab molassie "wines" or gyrates to a rhythmic beat that is played on tins or pans by his imps. While some of his imps supply the music, others hold his chain, seemingly restraining him as he pulls against them in his wild dance.

The differences among the various forms of devil mas were once distinct, but have become blurred over time.

Dame Lorraine - an amply blessed woman dressed as an 18th century French aristocrat

long story short. it is a festival that is celebraed in trinidad and is geeting wide spread. people come from far and widde to take part. there are different aspects to carnival.

there is



carnival monday and tuesday

it is days when you can just be something you are not means alot to every trinbagonian and is a celebration of freedom

What is Venice like in Februrary, during carnival season?

What is Venice like in Februrary, during carnival season?

Oh, I have been there, I actually used to live 30 minutes away from there. It's rather foggy, the skys are grey, and it may rain a lot. Floods may happen, so don't come with your best shoes. However, the costumes are wonderful. Stores are usually open to offer a variety of masks at the time, also many costumes too, even if you wish to try them on. I did. You will see an array of both elegant costumes, and home made ones (hell, I saw one made of bottle caps and paper, still gorgeous). Many people in those costumes you can take pictures of or with, and in the center of plazas you will find most of them. Kids will spread around silly string and those ribbon things that flow when blown at. I believe the last day of carnival is called "Martedi Grasso", or fat Tuesday. You can find treats called frittele (sweet, deep fried balls) and crostoli and castagnole. Here's a little history for you: Carnival was celebrated from 500-1000 years ago as welcome to end of winter. Have fun, and drink cappuccino if you are cold.

What does the Carnival Degrassi commercial mean?

What does the Carnival Degrassi commercial mean?

Season 10 starts July 19, 2010 after the movie "Degrassi Takes Manhattan" airs. The format for Season 10 is going to be more like a soap opera in that it will air new episodes each day (4 new episodes a week). Looks like it will be an interesting season.

As for the TeenNick promo, I think the commercial was to give us a little taste of what we can expect in Season 10:

Holly J--ringleader, may mean she is going to still rule at Degrassi

Riley--top jock at Degrassi and may have some new competition (from that guy that takes the hammer from him)

Adam--new character--The person in the house of mirrors is transgendered (the first on Degrassi). He is male, but may actually feel that he is a female. Hence the female in the mirror. Just found out that the character is played by a female actress, so it could actually be that she was born female, but prefers to be seen as a male.

Sav and Holly J (knife throwing)--*speculation* maybe Sav gets into some trouble and Holly J has to help him; could cause sparks (potential new couple) or maybe she helps him and expects him to repay the debt??

Bianca--"The Girl Who Makes Boyfriends Disappear"--looks like she will be making trouble for existing couples or just one couple on the show.

Anya--"The Two-Faced Girl"--maybe they will be exploring Anya's bad side, since we've really only seen her as the good girl.

Jenna--"The Girl Who Doesn't Know Her Own Secret"--not sure what this will be implying, but it looks like it will cause her and K.C. to break up.

Leia--looks like she will be back for season 10; maybe she'll get a storyline or she may just stay a supporting character

New guy (looks like a new bully) will be picking on the "nerds" of Degrassi.

Claire (with another new character, Eli, and potential love interest)--as the fortune teller reveals two cards "The Lovers" and the "Death" card. "Lovers" card could refer to Claire and new guys relationship and "Death" could refer to one of them dying (I hope not though). Or it could refer to another pairs relationship and death of another character on the show.

Alli--in the kissing booth--may get new love interest (Riley's rival--named Drew); and Dave missing his chance with Alli.

Fiona--covering up a black eye; she may be in an abusive relationship.

The spinning wheel--"Where It Stops...Nobody Knows"--has words such as: Crushes, Betrayal, Seduction, Surprises, Lies, Love, Danger, Secrets, Loss, Deception, & Lockdown (which it looks like it may land on...possible foreshadow to a lockdown at Degrassi?)

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