Cellophane Tape Day 2024 is on Monday, May 27, 2024: What do I get my boyfriend for valentines day? (Note:we are both 16)?

Monday, May 27, 2024 is Cellophane Tape Day 2024. 3M Cellophane Tape‎ ULINE - Over 27,500 Products. Huge Catalog! Same Day Shipping.

Cellophane Tape Day

In 1921, a banjo playing inventor began for that Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, referred to as 3M. 4 years later, Richard Came left of his lab transporting the very first roll of Scotch Tape. In 1930, also, he produced clear wrapping tape. Without it guy, we’d be overall our Christmas packages with string. Celebrate Cellophane Tape Day by tape up whatever you can get hold of!

What do I get my boyfriend for valentines day? (Note:we are both 16)?

Rose Made with Chocolate Kisses

Use florist's wire, green florist's tape, fake leaves, red food wrap or cellophane and chocolate Hershey's kisses to make Valentine's Day roses. This project can be made by all ages, but women would be most appreciative of receiving a dozen of these Valentine's Day crafts that combine chocolate with the look of roses.

Candy Music Player

Make a candy music-player resembling this iTouch

Kids will enjoy making their own I-Pod music players from a small 1 oz. box of Valentine's Day candy hearts, colorful paper, foil, string and foil-wrapped miniature chocolate peanut butter cups. Older elementary aged children will have the most fun making these as a craft project activity during a Valentine's Day class party. Once the party is over, they can take home their own "I-pod" made from candy.

Mouse Card with a Lollipop Tail

A paper heart with a lollipop inside makes a fast Valentine's Day card in the shape of a mouse. The stick of the lollipop resembles the tail of the mouse as it extends over the edge of the mouse. These mice are so fast and simple to make that even preschool children can help to craft several dozen of these in a short time. These can be used as Valentine's Day cards for a class party which couple a card and candy.

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give a definition for tape!?

give a definition for tape!?

There are several kinds of tape:

Adhesive tape--white cloth-like sticky strip used to bind gauze bandages together.

Cellophane tape--clear tape used on paper to hold two pieces together, as in wrapping packages.

Duct tape--Silver fabric-based multipurpose tape.

Masking tape--Tan adhesive tape used to cover the surface of something that shouldn't be painted.

Recording tape--magnetic tape used to record audio or video.

Measuring tape--long cloth or metal strip marked in inches or cm and used for measuring lengths or widths of things.

The finish line for a foot race. The winner is the first runner to run into it.

Police tape--yellow tape police put over and around areas that are not to be entered. To outline bodies on floors/ground before they are removed.

how to make an electroscope whit the help of a cellophane tape(can use other objects?

how to make an electroscope whit the help of a cellophane tape(can use other objects?

Start with a web search for "electroscope." You want the classic gold leaf electroscope, not the Braun or pith ball versions. This will allow you to see what you're going to build. You'll need a glass or plastic jar with a good fitting rubber or plastic lid. My first choice for the metal rod would be a 6 inch piece of number 12 AWG solid copper wire, with the insulation stripped off. Any hardware store has what you need. (Coat hanger wire would work too, but is much more difficult to cut and bend.) Use a file to remove any sharp projections from the cut ends of the wire. They should be smooth and well rounded. Bend the bottom end of the wire into the proper shape. Drill a 3/32" hole through the center of the lid and use several thick applications 5-minute epoxy to glue the metal rod in place. After the epoxy is fully cured, use a pliers to bend the top end of the wire into a loop. You can try using a piece of cellophane tape as a substitute for the gold leaves. I'd try mounting the tape upside down so that it doesn't stick to itself.

When I was a kid, I made an electroscope that used aluminum foil for the leaves. It didn't work very well because the foil was too stiff. Then one day, years later, I visited an autobody shop that specialized in exotic paint jobs. I discovered that gold leaf is often used for fancy lettering, etc. I was able to buy 25 cents worth and installed it in my old electrometer. What a difference! It worked much better when I used the proper material for the leaves. It's definitely worth the effort to track down a sign painter or custom car artist to get the right stuff. Good Luck...............