Chanukah Days on December, 2023: What is Chanukah and on what day is it?

Chanukah Days 2023. Hanukkah Chanukah, day six.

What is Chanukah and on what day is it?

Chanukah is a Jewish festival; 'chanukah' means 'dedication'. It is a festival commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple by the Maccabees in 165 B.C.E, three years after it was destroyed by Antiochus. Tradition says that the Maccabees found a tiny supply of oil, only enough for one day - but it continued burning for eight!

Hence the kindling of the eight lights of the Chanukah menorah. 'Rock Of Ages' (Maoz Tzur in Hebrew), a song of praise to G-d, is sung after each night's lighting of the candles.

It's a really nice festival, though not a major one. Kids enjoy it because they usually get gifts :)

Hope that helps :)

why does hanukkah last for 8 days?

why does hanukkah last for 8 days?

Chanukah lasts for eight days because eight miracles occurred. They found one jug of oil that was still pure after the synagogue was destroyed.

On the first night, the contents of the flask were emptied into the Menorah so it would be lit for one entire day. However, after filling the Menorah, it was discovered that the flask miraculously was still full. This miracle repeatedly occurred for each of the days. Hence, there was a miracle on each of the eight days.

what day does chanukah start this year?

what day does chanukah start this year?

chanukah starts on December 15- first night- candle light with sundown around 4:30.

last night of chanukah is sat, December 23rd.

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