Checkers Day 2024 is on Monday, September 23, 2024: 25 days without food?

Monday, September 23, 2024 is Checkers Day 2024. September 23 is Checkers Day! - The Checker Maven September 23 is Checkers Day!

Checkers Day

Checkers Day does not have anything related to the most popular game rather, it remember the famous ‘checkers‘ speech produced by Richard M. Nixon in 1952. Still, that’s no reason not to possess a game title or a couple of checkers – and you’ll most likely convey more fun anyway.

25 days without food?

Checkered Rosewood is wrong--fasting is simply where you eat no food. She'll be going 25 days with absolutely no food.

And she's right, this actually can be healthy. She certainly won't die, especially if she's overweight. I've done this for 21 days, and I was a normal weight. Your body goes into ketosis, which means that it's not breaking down your muscles or your organs, but rather your fat. After the third day of fasting, she'll be in ketosis, and it'll be smooth sailing from there on out.

The only thing I would warn you against... tell her NOT to cheat! If she even nibbles on the tiniest bit of food once or twice a week, her body won't fully be in ketosis, and it'll digest her organs rather than her fat. And that's not safe. So just tell her to go all out!!!

It was sweet of you to be concerned, though. :)

Yahoo Mail Checker Widget?

Yahoo Mail Checker Widget?


Yahoo! Mail Checker 1.6

Have a great day!!!!

Breeding Checkered Barbs?

Breeding Checkered Barbs?

breeding : firstly you will be glad to know that checkered barbs are quite easy to breed and they are best in pairs. dont breed them in groups instead of breeding the males will fight instead so if you want to breed you best just keep the two, It is important to keep this fish at colder temperature during winter if you want to breed them.

breeding tank info:Fill a suitable sized breeding aquarium with somewhat acidic water (pH 6.0). The temperature in the aquarium should be kept near 26°C (79°F). A low water level, ideally 10-15 cm (4-6 inches), helps trigger spawning. The bottom of the tank should be covered with a mesh that protects the eggs from the parents as these will eat their own egg and fry. The aquarium should also contain fine leafed plants or spawning mops.

seperating the fish: Separate male and female barbs to condition them for spawning. After about 3 weeks of being separate the fish should be ready to spawn if they have been given a good and varied diet with a lot of frozen and live food. Choose the most colorful Checkered barb male and the fattest female for the spawning and move them to the breeding tank. The pair usually spawns the next morning in a plant chosen by the male. Sunlight that hits the aquarium can help trigger spawning. Remove the parents once spawning is completed.

the eggs:A spawning can result in up to 300 eggs. The fry hatch in 24-48 hours. Feed the fry infusorians as soon as they are free swimming and switch to newly hatch brine shrimp when they have become large enough to eat them. The fry grow very fast and can reach adulthood in 4-6 months.

sexing your fish:they are very easy to sex The males are more colorful and have black edges on their dorsal and anal fins. The females are less colorful, often rounder, and have yellowish fins without the distinct black edges seen in males.

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