Cheerleading Safety Month on March, 2025: does anyone know when medical records day is celebrated?

March, 2025 is Cheerleading Safety Month 2025. Cheerleading Safety Comprehensive Cheer Safety Resource for Cheerleaders, Coaches, Parents

Cheerleading Safety Month

Let's face it, cheerleading is a risky activity. Pom-poms, shorts, potentially slippery surfaces and plimsons go together to develop a recipe for disaster. Cheerleading Safety Month encourages adherence to rigorous safety guidelines around cheerleading, emergency response, taking care of concussion and injury avoidance. Take care, supporters!

does anyone know when medical records day is celebrated?

I got 0 hits in Google for "National Medical Records Day".

does not list it. I made a partial list below, as proof of their extensive data base. All in all, I do not think it exists.

March is . . .

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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Month

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National Cheerleading Safety Month

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National Frozen Food Month

What should I do to prepare for Cheerleading tryouts?

What should I do to prepare for Cheerleading tryouts?

Your Jump score is a BIG score that is used more during Jr.high, high shool, and all-star teams, then less as you go on to college. Here are some basic tips to help your jump score:

1.) Practice Beforehand - To get your jumps tryout ready, you need to practice well in advance. At least prepare a month or 2 before tryouts so that you can get your muscles strengthened and trained.

2.) Height - Having more height will make your jumps easier to hit. Do jumping exercises (Read about later in this answer) beforehand to help you with your jump height.

3.) Technique - Make sure you concentrate on your toes being pointed, legs straight, and chest up among all things. It will not only make your jump look better, but it will make it easier to hit your jump.

4.) Toe Touch - This is the most important jump at all tryouts. Concentrate more on this jump than the others (Keep your chest up and kick your legs behind! Don't actually touch your toes).

5.) Flexibility - Good Stretching daily (if not every other day) for at least a month or 2 before tryouts will really improve your jumps.

6.) Agressive - When you throw your jump make sure you pull agressively. Snap the jump quick on the way up and down to make the jump kick high, to make the jump look great, and to allow you enough time to finish.

7.) Finish - Make sure you land with your feet together and squeeze your landing for a second or 2 for a solid finish.

Your Stunting score can be a bigger part of your Tryout Score as you go on to High school, all-star, and/or college cheerleading. Here are some basic tips to help your stunting score:

1.) Hit it - Really concentrate on hitting your stunt, because if you don't then you will have big deductions.

2.) Solid over difficulty - Do stunts that you hit solid, rather than trying difficult stunts that are really shaky OR are difficult to hit. In most cases you will get a better score on the solid stunt that is less difficult.

3.) Technique - Make sure you are doing the stunt correctly. Things like having your chest up, toes pointed, legs straight, etc. will NOT only make the stunt hit easier BUT will also get you a higher technical score.

4.) Control - Make sure your stunt is controlled. You can control your stunt (make less shaky) by squeezing and Not over-doing your movements (like pulling too hard). It will make the stunt look better, and give you a better chance for the stunt to hit.

5.) Dismount - You dismount is also part of your stunt. Instead of throwing a cradle, try adding a tuck out cradle, toe touch cradle, OR even a fulldown as long as it's solid. This will add more to your stunt and set you apart.

6.) Add difficulty - If you can try to add difficulty to a stunt. Instead of doing a ground up liberty, try to full it up and so forth.

7.) Finish - Finish and hold your landing solid. It will make the stunt look more complete if the finish is good.

Your Tumbling score will make a BIG difference at your tryouts. Here are some tips to increase your tumbling score:

1.) Do something - Always try something even if you don't have any tumbling. At most you can do a forward roll. A carwheel or a round off to splits (or toe touch) will get you some points. If spotters are allowed,...take advantage of them.

2.) Be able to do it - The 1st reason is safety. The 2nd is that you will get more points for hitting a less difficult skill solid rather trying a slightly more difficult and falling.

3.) Form - Remembering things like keeping your toes pointed, legs together, and other technical issues will score you a point or 2 higher.

4.) Stick the landing - Stick your landing by squeezing it at the end and holding. This will help you get a perfect score.

5.) Difficulty - Add more to your tumbling to set yourself apart from everyone else. Yes throwing a more difficult skill will score you higher, but you can also add simple skills to add more difficulty.

(For example instead of throwing a backtuck, try throwing a toe touch backtuck.)

Your School spirit and enthusiasm will be judged and scored at tryouts. Here are some tips to increase your spirit score:

1.) Spirit in - When you run to your spot in the beginning, make sure you spirit in. It will we make a great 1st impression with the judges.

2.) Smile - Smile as much as you can during your tryout. (during stunts, the cheer, the dance, sideline, and even standing at attention)

3.) Hit the crowd - Always hit the crowd after each skill, stunt, cheer, jump, and sideline. This will really make you stand out.

4.) Say it out loud - When you are saying you cheer, sideline, or hitting the crowd, make sure you say it loud enough for all to hear.

5.) Energy and confidence - Make sure you keep your energy up when you do tips 1-4. Don't just go through the motions of hitting the crowd and smiling, but get your energy up and appear as though this it the best day of your life.

There are so many

What would you like to ask?Cheerleading??Back Handspring & Toe Touch!! Ugghh!?!?

What would you like to ask?Cheerleading??Back Handspring & Toe Touch!! Ugghh!?!?

Well I am a Sophmore and there's really no need to be nervous about trying out for cheerleading. Not knowing how to tumble really doesn't make or break your chances of making it on the squad. What you need to focus more on is saying the cheers loud, spiriting, and being tight with your moves- op! but not too tight or you'll look like you need an oil change! Just be precise about your moves and make them look good. During tryouts I can honestly look around and tell who is going to make it and who isn't. It's all in the way you do the moves.

Now I don't really know how to tumble. I use to know how to do a front handspring back in the fall and my freshmen year but I haven't thrown it since. But about tumbling, you say that you don't want to take classes but really that is the best and safest way. I'm taking mine this month or next but if you really want to make sure that your spotter has spotted and taught people before or they know how to do one themselves, but mainly that they know how to spot a back handspring because you can be the best flipper in the world and not know how to spot.

And about jumps, try stretching your legs out on the ground into a straddle to get more flexibility and just stretch anything else out that needs to be stretched. And of course you know the 1-2 3-4 5 6 7-8 1 count. Right? Well of course you do if you've done cheerleading before! (: and you jump on 6. But just in case you don't 1-2 your knees are bent and hands are in a clasp, 3-4 high V 5 getting momentum to jump (swing your arms out and open) 6 jump 7-8 bent knees, hands side, head down 1 back up (: Got it? Okay! (:

At my tryouts they usually teach us a cheer and a dance and we do jumps or sometimes they'll have us stunt. It depends. Just a heads up. They do not tell us to tumble but they ask if we have the ability. But they don't make us actually do it for tryouts- so you still have time. But then again every school is different.

Dang your only going to be a freshmen and your school's already having fall tryouts in a week? Wow.

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