Children of Alcoholics Week on February, 2023: children of alcoholicsparents?

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Children of Alcoholics Week 2023. Children of Alcoholics Week: Sunday, February 9 – Saturday ... Children of alcoholics are

children of alcoholics/parents?

I am the child of an alcoholic father. I am 25 now and as long as I can remember he was drunk. My father is dead now,he died of lung and bladder cancer,but about four years before he past he stopped drinking and popping his pills. I also have many other relitives that are dependant one thing or another. my advice to you is to take a step back. You will never understand why there substance abuse is #1. Until they choose different it will unfourtuneatly always be that way. With my father we would always try reasoning with him, threats, and we even told him that for everyday he went with out a drink that we(the family) would give him money...of course none of that worked. When someone you love has a addictive problem it is really hard, and I am sorry that you are going through it. Just know that it is not your fault in anyway and that you can not change it she has to. Hopefully you will get lucky like me and she will get sober like my dad did. I hope it is sooner then what my dad did though. My dad died when my first son was only 5 days old..My dad only held him once..But he was sober. Just do what you think is right for your new little one they are what you should be thinking about.



it can be inconsistent. alcoholics seem to have nine lives. they can stay oddly healthy for a long time even though they are drinking enough to kill them (and more). in my family we say they're "pickled," meaning that their bodies are just used to the alcohol and they seem to outlive everyone else.

it is an awful truth but you can't control what an alcoholic does. i know you want this person to live. please try to accept that this is out of your control, and let yourself feel sad and scared and angry because of this.

here's a link to more info:

alcoholism: can the child of an alcoholic dad (not mom) drink?

alcoholism: can the child of an alcoholic dad (not mom) drink?

Being the child of an alcoholic, you are at an increased risk of becoming one yourself. It is suggested that children of alcoholics do not drink.

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