Chip Your Pet Month on May, 2023: Why is Japan so strict for importing pets?

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Why is Japan so strict for importing pets?

Japan is a rabies free country so quarantine is essential for all pets.

The quarantine period is not necessarily 6-12 months, in fact it can take as little as 12 hours depending on what country you are bringing it from and whether or not you have the correct documentation proving that your pet is free from deceases.

The pet will also need to be chipped for the authorities to cross check with the documentation provided.

I understand that you will have to inform the appropriate authorities 40 days in advance of any such transportation of your pet.

Your local vet should be able to give you all the information you require.

pet marmoset? what do you think?

pet marmoset? what do you think?

No they would make a very bad pet. Monkeys take tons of time. Its like having a 7 month old baby that never grows up. And the incident with the chimp was caused by their own stupidity. The chimp felt threatened by the persons friend and was trying to protect itself.

PCSing overseas with pets?

PCSing overseas with pets?

Your pets will need "Pet Passports" which means they will need to be chipped and their rabies jabs must be up to date. Passporting can take up to six months, so see your vet asap. Otherwise the pets will face 6 months quarantine. You need your husband to check with his unit as to the number of pets he is allowed to take with him.

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