Cookie Cutter Week on December, 2022: Cookie Cutters?

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Cookie Cutters..?

I wouldn't use plastic cutters on the stove. Instead make your pancakes and after they are cooked, then use the cookie cutter to cut out your shape. If the cookie cutter is thin and doesn't look like it would go through the pancake without totally flattening it, then trace the shape on a piece of paper, lay the paper on top of the cooked pancake and with a sharp knife, but around the pattern.

Heart cookie cutters?

Heart cookie cutters?

I actually was planning on doing the same wedding favor with my Dad's famous sugar cookie recipe. I was looking last week and I looked everywhere...Ebay had the cheapest at about 40 cents a piece for 100, the company on ebay is called American Tradition Cookie Cutters...Good luck and best wishes!

Mermaid cookie cutter?

Mermaid cookie cutter?

YES, I was thinking the same thing last week, so I designed my own way of making them, It's really easy, and you just need a man cookie cutter and a heart, here's the full tutorial.

Have fun, these cookies look really cute, and taste really Yummy~

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