Curling Is Cool Day 2022 is on Wednesday, February 23, 2022: After you curl your hair with a curling iron and you want to keep it lasting all day?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022 is Curling Is Cool Day 2022. 761820_TN_shadow.png Happy Curling is Cool Day

Curling Is Cool Day

Curling is Awesome Day isn't devoted to individuals people naturally or else endowed with sparkling spinning locks of hair. Oh, no, no! This is actually the day George Clooney and Bruce Springsteen reach play their all-time favourite sport and refer to it as awesome. The majority of us available will most likely question exactly what the fuss is all about, but when you’re a curling enthusiast, then by Jove would you owe those who invented it a colossal thanks!A Scottish game coded in the 1500’s the Canadians appear to become exceedingly proficient at- if Winter Olympics are anything to put into practice- curling involves starting a stone on ice and sweeping the ice in the path because it tries to find a target and dislodge your competitors’ rocks. Hold on, there’s more. The sweepers put on special footwear, one which 35mm slides and something that does not, and also the stone is a lot more like a 40 pound granite explosive device that appears suspiciously an excessive amount of just like a macaroon. The brooms are a little more developed now compared to regular sweepers they used in the 1900s. Actually, they’re hardly similar to a witch’s broom, whatsoever. The flooring are sheets of ice with vinyl markings underneath, for that target, as opposed to the frozen lake surfaces which were used in older days. The idea, though, is greatly exactly the same. You launch, you sweep, and also you score.As the particulars of the overall game won't help you stay awake during the night, they'll easily be sufficient to help keep the kids entertained, what exactly better reason to mail them in to the blistering cold to experience having a rock? But you’ll need to all participate in, because two groups of four are necessary to play. So gather-round for any bonspiel and discover why everyone and the uncle performed farmville and stated it’s cooler than bowls and shuffleboard. Of course, your competition isn’t the stiffest you’d find in the realm of sports. So don’t waste whenever. Go available and discover why hammer-amount of time in curling is not related to MC Hammer!

After you curl your hair with a curling iron and you want to keep it lasting all day?

I hair spray each strand then curl with a curling iron then roll it up and pin it close to my scalp and let them cool as i do the rest. Once all is pinned i take them out starting with the first i put up and it usually lasts all day and sometimes till the next day! =]


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It really just depends, I would guess 10-20 seconds since you have thick hair. You should just experiment and see what works for your hair. Also, try using a spray gel or mousse before curling, it will hold it better. Hairspray after your curls cool, and the curls will last all day! ;)

How do i curl my hair?

How do i curl my hair?

Curling your hair is relatively easy, and all the girls used to do it like this long, long ago (in the 70's). Some of the styles for spring are suggesting that curls are making a comeback, although a bit softer than they once were.

There is something you need to understand about how this curling thing works. When your hair is wet, the little bonds that hold the hair in its shape are released and your hair then has some flexibility. You then shape your hair any way you want, and then when it dries, the bonds are re-formed and your hair will stay in this new shape. You know what happens when you sleep on wet hair, or wear a hat all day. The same principle is at work -- you have "set" your hair.

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is get your hair wet. Running water over your hair will only wet the outside layer of the hair, and you won't get a very firm curl. Sometimes, that's all you want. But I am assuming that you want a good, firm curl. So you need to use a "wetting agent" which makes the hair wetter. Shampoo will do that. it allows the hair to absorb water, and there are some styling products on the market that make the hair wetter. In this state, the hair is very easy to mould into any shape you want.

If you apply any kind of styling aid (gell, lotion, spray, etc), this coats the hair and makes the shaping stronger. Some people have weaker hair and need this help. You may find that it makes your hair heavy, or "not clean" or tacky to the feel. Find a product that works for you. You may not always need it.

If you want round curls, then you can wind your hair smoothly around round shapes (usually a roller), or you can form neat curls and then clip them in place until they are dry (somethng like the pin-curls of your grandmother), or you can simply comb the hair into the shape you desire. You should know that smaller sections with as many rollers as you can get into your hair will make more curls (more volume), and will dry faster. Taking large sections will give you gentler curls with less volume. Curling right to the scalp will give more lift.... curling only the ends will make it flatter, with end curl. All of these are "correct" depending on the look you want to achieve.

The next step is to get the hair dry -- and this is most important -- for not until all the water is removed will you have a strong shape in your hair. The best is a hood dryer. It allows an even movement of dry air around all the hair so that you can dry it properly. The heat also allows the set to become stronger. You don't want it overly hot... just comfortable, but the hair MUST be completely dry before you start doing anything else to it. For chin length hair, allow at least 30 min... longer hair will take longer, thicker sections longer as well. If you remove a curl, and it feels "cool", it is still slightly damp. Put it back!

A blow dryer is not very satisfactory. For one thing, it takes too long. You will get tired, and will skip some areas, or not use it for long enough. The blow dryer directs air and heat to smaller areas, and that is good for a small curl here or there, but not the whole head.

Letting your hair air dry doesn't work that well. It takes a very long time to properly dry your hair. It may take over 24 hours in some areas, depending on your humidity. It never seems to have that crispness that a hood dryer gives you... unless you want something very soft.

Once the hair is completely dry, and cooled off, you can remove the rollers and clips from the hair, and finish the styling. You would normally brush thoroughly (brushing will NOT remove the curl) or you can just run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and place them where you want. You will find that your hair will stay this way for a couple of days. Play with the look -- perhaps letting it be curly at first, but then brushing it smoother a day or two later.

There are any number of things you can use for shaping your hair. We normally think of rollers, but girls have used soup cans (cut out both ends) or whole rolls of toilet paper for large curls, to pipe cleaners for very tiny kinky curls, and anything in between. You can use odd shapes as well, for something different. Right now, you will find foam covered wires, which you use like rollers, and then bend the ends to the middle and they stay there -- no clips!

The key is to be sure the ends are neat and smooth. The ends are what show on the outside of your style, and can look frizzy if they are not smooth. You know that if you've not tucked in the ends when using an iron.

And be sure the hair is completely dry before handling it. Any dampness will result in limp or weak or undefined curls... not pretty. You will have a hard time trying to make them do what you want. If you find that your area is very humid, and your hair is very absorbant, some people have a harder time keeping their hair curled. Try it and see anyway. You can do so many great looks!

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