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customer service?

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B&Q customer service?

B&Q customer service?

I stopped using B&Q some years ago as their customer service is appalling. I ordered goods in store to be delivered to my home. I was told it would take 24hours. I paid nearly £900 by debit card. 6 weeks later the goods still hadn't arrived. The store didn't want to know, because unbeknown to me they had ordered it in my name from their internet site. So it wasn't down to them. Trying to contact customer services was worse than the store. Another 3 weeks later I got a call from the delivery department to say they were going to deliver the fire suite the next day. When they arrived they only had the fire stone and no suite and the fire stone was broken. They refused to take it back with them as they didn't have the paper work for a collection. More phone calls to customer services and eventually 2 weeks later the suite arrives minus a the new fire stone, but they did take the broken one back. To this day 3 years later I still have not recieved a fire stone and they won't give me a refund. The internet site say its down to the store and the store say its down to the internet site. I got so fed up I went out and bought the fire stone else where just so that I could have the fire suite installed. I would never ever buy anything form B&Q ( Instore or on the internet) again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Why is teamwork central to good customer service?

Why is teamwork central to good customer service?

1.Customer service requires teamwork in order to be effective

2. Everyone knows that an organization's service level is only as good as it's employee's. In many cases, especially in the absence of that employee, his/her colleagues' ability to follow up, determines the service level of the organization, in the mind of the customer.

3. It is important to give quality customer service training to our staff and give them autonomy in their work. Nonetheless, it is also of paramount importance to train our staff to think and work as a team.

4. Imagine this: A customer calls an organization and enquired on a product. The staff promised to get back to him but did not. A week later, he calls again…

5. What is the thing that will cause customer to get fuming mad?

a) the staff no longer works in the company or is on leave

b) they tell him that only that previous person he spoke to can handle the case

c) no one in the team knows what on earth is going on

d) they tell him that he should be calling another department

6. The possibilities listed above are fictional but not remote. Chances are that many of us may have experienced some or all of them.

7. The question is how do we avoid a situation like this?

8. Good customer service does not happen overnight – it requires teamwork, knowledge, systems and motivation.

9. Customer Service and Teamwork

Companies serious about customer service know that all staff (yes, including the cleaners) has to be trained on basic customer service like communication and follow up skills. Service breakdowns can occur when employees are not trained or when there is breakdown in communication or follow up. Breakdown in communication can occur between the customer and the staff or between two employees.

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