Data Innovation Day 2023 is on Monday, January 23, 2023: Innovation cycle of the Black Box Flight Recorder Will give pionts to best answer?

Monday, January 23, 2023 is Data Innovation Day 2023. Data Innovation Day 2014 Data Innovation Day 2014

Innovation cycle of the Black Box Flight Recorder ???? Will give pionts to best answer?

I don't know if I can help you with an innovation 'cycle', but I might be able to shed some light on your subject.

In the early days of avation, there wasn't technology available to record what an aircraft was doing prior to an accident, so the engineers were left scratching their collective heads wondering what caused the problem.

As technology and aircraft progressed, they began installing flight data recorders that recorded a certain number of parameters during a flight on a looped 30 minute tape. In other words, the recording holds only the last 30 minutes of data no matter how long the flight was before the event. They also required cockpit voice recorders to be installed for the same reasons. It too, only records the last 30 minutes of audio regardless of the flight's length.

Then,as technology progressed, the number of parameters increased. This was also driven by the accident investigators wanting to collect more data to more accurately pinpoint the cause of an event. FAR 121.344 governs this for transport category aircraft. If you take a quick read through of it, it will tell you in what year they increased the number of parameters required to be recorded.

Why does USPS tracking say I won’t see tracking updates for 4 days?

Why does USPS tracking say I won't see tracking updates for 4 days?

I have never seen a notice like that when using Track & Confirm. Usually it says something to the effect that any updates would be available later in the evening. Amazon must have shown that disclaimer. It is likely because Amazon uses Delivery Confirmation which is not tracking.

As far as being the "worst" tracking, I guess it is. There is a reason for that. With USPS, ONLY Express mail has true end to end tracking. Delivery Confirmation, which is something that most people use, was not designed to provide "tracking", only "Confirmation" that an item was "Delivered..

USPS has constantly been adding equipment to provide some enhanced tracking capability to the network and it is still coming along. However, you may have heard that there is a bit of a money crunch at USPS these days so some projects that have not already been funded are being delayed.

Too many people expect Delivery Confirmation to act on the same level as UPS or FedEx tracking. That will never happen. That is due to the sheer volume of packages that USPS handles in relation to what UPS or FedEx handle in a day.

Last holiday season UPS stated that they expected to deliver over 20 million items on the busiest delivery day. FedEx, around 12 Million. That is certainly a lot to be delivered in only one day.

On the other hand, USPS delivered over 700 Million items on that day. Granted, that includes letter mail and other types of mail besides just packages, but USPS also delivered millions of UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx SmartPost packages that same day. Areas that UPS and FedEx do not wish to deliver to. Each Carrier made around 400 stops, on average, that day. How many stops do you think that a UPS or FedEx driver has to make in a day? 100? 150?

It is a simple logistical thing and the data collected from scans throughout the day are uploaded from approximately 50,000 locations starting at around 9, local time.

Anyway, it is a simple volume thing. I am sure that this answer will get a few thumbs down responses, but at least you have a little better understanding of the difference of the inner workings of the package carriers.

Graph for elapsed time between major technological innovations?

Graph for elapsed time between major technological innovations?

You can probably find a graphing program to suit your needs here:

In order to obtain meaningful results, you need to define terms carefully. What, exactly, constitutes a "major technological innovation"? How is an exact time to be assigned to an innovation?

The other assumption you make, is that the function you describe is linear. You have not shown this- it seems more likely that it might take another shape, perhaps exponential.

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