Day of Vesak 2022 is on Saturday, May 14, 2022: Vesak (Buddha Day) ?

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Saturday, May 14, 2022 is Day of Vesak 2022. Vesak_in_SriLanka.jpg Vesak in Sri Lanka[edit]

Vesak (Buddha Day) ?

hey i'm a buddhist and i will answer your question...

this year it is May 8th. usually in vesak, we do a lot of fun things and religeos things.. we have these coloured paper buckets, we light a candle inside these buckets and hang them on trees.. so if u go around the city in vesak, u will find the whole city lighted with coloured buckets.. and we also make these huge things with coloured paper and fix motors in them so they turn and many more stuff... they are called vesak lanterns.. search google for pics.. and on vesak day we all visit buddhist temples... and we also do this thing called vesak dansal (only sri lankan buddhists do that), we cook a lot of food ar drinks and serve them to the people in the street (for free we even stop cars that are on the street and serve them.....then your nxt question, usually buddhists wear white dresses when they visit a buddhist temple... and there is no specific food that we eat on that day.. its mainly the national food of that country that we eat on tht day...but if you want some(sri lankan), we eat KIRI BATH (milk rice) and KAWUM (its a sweet) on special occassions... and there is no vesak songs... vesak is honestly for me is the best day of the year.. because as i said before, its a lot of fun and you really feel the spirit of buddhism...w/e... hehe... nyways hope this helps... sorry if it's too long... and if u need anything else e-mail me on

Vesak?? Buddha day? wesak?

Vesak?? Buddha day? wesak?

Vesak is a day to commemorate Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. Generally, most Buddhists would eat vegetarian meals at least on this day as Buddhism respects all life. There is no special food preparations... generally rice with vegetable curries, fruits, etc. You would go to the temple and some would choose to meditate all day. Mediators wear all white, and others would generally wear at least a white shirt/blouse. Here is a small blog I wrote



Hey Joe, good to see you again. You need to keep your house clean everyday regardless whether its vesak/wesak. But since wesak comes once a year, this particular day, devoted buddhist like to bathe the statue or figurine of the Buddha if you worshipped one at home, symbolizing to bathe away any misfortune, bad luck and to start a new slate for the new year and of course to clean the altar, change the robes if you dressed the statue, wipe away any cobwebs etc. basically a spring clean on the altar. There is no decorations for wesak day unlike chinese new year and those superstitious people to encourage good luck, prosperity etc will navigate the inside of the house to bring in "chi" like energy for the purpose of geomancy (fung suai) to balance the ying and yang to the people living in the house. As for wesak, the only thing I will do differently from other days, is the lighting of candles/tea lights for the whole day. Prayers reciting of the 8 precepts in the morning and evening and end the next morning. Offerings are flowers, fruits, water and lighting of the jossticks. The lighting is the main thing not for decoration wise but more for blessing. Like in buddhism, "may the light dispels you from any evil spirit" and bring peace and harmony in the house and everyone living in there. Wesak day is a day of peace and calm. Some do meditation, I don't. For me its like any other day, I pray before I go to work and I pray before I go to bed. Other religious ceremony has a more serious preparation than wesak. Just to leave you with salutation to the Buddha "Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa " ( translation : Homage to Him, the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the Fully Enlightened One)*

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